It’s Challenge Time!!!

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Challenge Cards are now available at the DESK!

Are you READY?! Here’s the deal:

️Print challenge card or pick up at the desk
️Take 12 classes between June 1-21
️Get $11 off your July membership
️Get $10 off our August membership
️That’s $21 total!

️Complete the bonus section and earn $10 account credit
️Turn in your completed challenge card—or post it on social media and tag #HYA to receive your discountsPro Tip: We have to be friends on IG in order to see your posts.

Tag us along the way @Hotyogaasheville & get an extra 10 percent off one retail item!

️ Easy Breezy, just like Summer

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Breathe Well: A New Class

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Breathe Well Class

Sundays 11:30-12:30pm at HYA (biweekly)

New to the SCHEDULE!!!

This 60-min (non-heated) class will take you on a journey deep within yourself. Collectively, we’ll practice Ancient Tibetan Breathing Exercises with Spiritual Affirmations.

Instructor Rachel Kaplan will demonstrate the proper techniques to perform these exercises and students will practice them together. This class is open to all, beginners to advanced practitioners of breathwork.

This ancient practice from the wisdom of Tibentan monks, is intended to strengthen your connection to Self, retrain your mind to think positive thoughts, strengthen willpower, gain numerous health benefits like strengthening the muscles we use to breathe, our lung capacity, and detox our body from daily toxins, not just from the food or drinks we ingest but also the toxins in the air, and even the toxic thoughts we tell ourselves.

It’s recommended to wear loose clothing or clothing you don’t mind sweating in and a water bottle. A journal may also be helpful as reflecting on your experience will help in the mental expansion and expression of Self.

Free Member Workshop: Expand Your Practice

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Do you only do one style of yoga?

Have you given yourself a million reasons why all the other forms offered at HYA “aren’t for you?”

Maybe you’ve tried a particular class and swore “Never again!” 

Then YOU need to join Ross Randall for our FREE Ultimate Member Workshop.

Ross Randall has been practicing yoga  for the past 20 years and has taught almost all forms at HYA during the last decade.

He understands what it is like to feel like the odd man out in a class and himself thought of two million reasons why he initially didn’t like particular forms of yoga.

Come learn about the mental and physical benefits of an expanded practice!! 


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Power Yoga Teacher Training Weekend

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Take Your Teaching to the Next Level

Want to improve your cueing and sequencing? Invest in the craft of teaching with this intensive weekend training with Ruth Morrow.

This training will be an opportunity to reconnect with why you practice, why you began teaching yoga, what lights you up the most and connects you to the people you want to serve. It will be an opportunity to advance your teaching before diving into a 300-hour TT

The Details

You will get:
  • 16 Yoga Alliance credit hours (12 in-person, 4 non-contact for 16 total continuing education hours)
  • A 30-page manual with sequences, themes, anatomy information and inspiration
  • Individual time with Ruth to ask questions, get feedback and advice
Dates and Times
Friday-Sunday June 10-12

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Long Slow Deep: A Yin Workshop

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Join instructor Ruth Morrow for this 3-hour Yin Yoga workshop on Saturday, May 21.

This workshop will take it long and slow, including:

Yin yoga
Yoga nidra.

When you see people floating out of the studio in a state of euphoria, you’ll know they have just taken this workshop with Ruth.

This is a pause from the business of life to come back to yourself. We’ll explore the depths of the body’s flexibility with long held poses- yin style 3-5 minutes.

This class will also be packed with potent Pranayama practices and end with a Yoga Nidra guided meditation.

Treat yourself  to this blissful workshop, well suited for students of all levels.

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Yoga Etiquette 101: Create the Best Class Possible

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Some simple and friendly reminders…
A tradition as ancient and beautiful as yoga comes with a certain level of implied etiquette. Not loud and explicit rules, but soft and subtle ones. We want to take a moment to remind you of some simple etiquette that will help our entire community run more smoothly. With a mindset of learning and respecting etiquette, your yoga experience expands.

Be like Ganesha – The lord of success and remover of obstacles!

Be on time
We understand things happen, but do your best to be on time so class isn’t disrupted once started. Shoot us a call if you are going to be late!

Get Comfortable
Remove your shoes! We are a barefoot/slipper only zone – Please remove your shoes in the lobby help keep our space clean.

Get unplugged
Refrain from bringing your cell phones into the room — phones and Apple watches are distracting for you and others.

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Welcome Amanda Blair!

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Welcome our newest Flow teacher: Amanda Blair!

“As a native to rural WNC my roots run generations deep in these mountains.  My childhood consisted of Saturday Lunches, many gatherings with my close knit extended family, and many opportunities to run wild exploring the forests around our home.

This experience instilled in me a profound appreciation for community and the great outdoors. Today I frequently make time for running, biking, camping and simply just lounging outside as much as possible.

Having been raised with my large extended family has given me a deep understanding of the importance of being in community.  My tribe at HYA has become a community for me and I am so excited to be more involved.
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SCHEDULE ALERT! No Evening Classes on 4/6

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We will be CLOSED for the evening of 4/6/22!



We believe in the importance of recognition & we hope you do too! Be sure to thank your teacher after class!

Our incredible staff show up each day and give their best. So we can thank our teachers & desk staff for their continued efforts in delivering the best classes to our community, we will be closed this evening for an employee outing.


The morning classes will be held as scheduled.
The following classes are cancelled:
5:30p Hot Power Flow
7:00p Yin & Restore

On 15 Years: A Note from Adi

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adi mountain twist
Some of you know this story. Some of you don’t, yet. The only class I failed in my school years was “yoga”. I didn’t pass because it was boring to me, so I stopped showing up. 
Around the same time, my friend took me to my first hot yoga class. She would pick me up at the crack of dawn and take me to the awesome team at Village Yoga in Santa Cruz, CA. I liked the challenge of the hot yoga experience. But I HATED the mirrors; I felt like they stared back at me, glaringly. Back then I used to practice in leggings and board shorts. I hid behind a pole in the room so I didn’t have to look at myself in the mirror! I couldn’t afford to take classes, so I joined the Work Study crew: free yoga in exchange for weekly cleaning. During after hours, I would try on the little tops and little shorts in hiding. I started to feel better about the way I looked. I liked the way I felt even more. The scale didn’t change, but I felt great. After two years of regular practice I lost a lot of weight. My body adjusted. I was digesting properly for the first time. I continued work trade for 4 years until I decided to become a yoga teacher in 2005.
Flash forward to March 1, 2008.  We opened the doors to our first classes at Hot Yoga Asheville, using money from 0% APR credit cards. My goal was to create a studio that was everything I needed. A place where people who failed yoga in the past could come back and try again and again with no judgment or expectation. A place where truth and honesty was spaciously held. A place where hard conversations could be had. An open space.
yoga hiit

The Best Intentions=Success

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Happy New Year! Find Yourself in Dedication Station!

Tis’ the season for goals, intentions, and (in yoga) MANTRAS for the year. Here are some tips for setting goals for yourself that are meant to guide you rather than intimidate, frustrate or scare you.
Whether New Year’s Resolutions are a thing for you or not, we all go through similar patterns with our goals️ and desires.
Let’s be honest for a second. How many times have you said:

“I want to eat healthier”
“I want to exercise more”
“I want to spend less time on my phone”

and never really did any of those things?

We know we have!

Here’s why: When you focus all of your energy and attention on what you want to achieve, you don’t focus any on HOW you will achieve it. 

The growth equation always needs a What and a How.
First ask yourself what you want to cultivate.
Then ask yourself how you can cultivate that.
The path to your What can look many different ways. Say “I can” instead of “I will”.
Brainstorm all the Hows that can organically cultivate your What.
Once you have a few ideas on how to get from A to B, you can pick one or two to things to get started with!!

For example:
What do you want for yourself?
“I want to eat healthier”

Some ways on HOW to start accomplishing this goal:
Prep fruit and veggie snacks to easily grab
Have 3 days of healthy lunches packed at a time for work/school (easy grab and go!)
Go to bed earlier (10 pm) so I stop snacking on chips and popcorn late at night
Make sure to eat at least 2 veggies at each meal

Now, pick one or two of those How options and start playing with it. See what works for you!

The options are ENDLESS and they are focused on what you can do today, tomorrow, this week. They put the power back in your hands and help you build confidence in your ability to care for yourself.

Also, the goal becomes tangible, not just an idea you feel far away from or incapable of achieving. Behavior & Goals are connected on So. Many. Levels.

Live your best life 💚