Handstands are BACK!

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Can’t seem to hold your handstand away from the wall? Having a hard time staying aware when you’re upside down? Maybe you’re training handstands really hard but aren’t making the progress you would like to?

“I hear you! Handstands can be super hard, especially if you are training without a coach. That’s where I come in. I pull from my long background as a competitive gymnast and well-rounded mover to teach the strength, balance, technique, and alignment required to handstand like a pro. I crafted this workshop to accommodate a wide range of handstanders, regardless of past experience. In this workshop, I will walk you through tons of helpful position drills, flexibility exercises, and practice opportunities so you can leave feeling confident in your handstand practice.” — Brandon Romstadt

Gain strength, flexibility and confidence! 

️Details ️

September 25-26, 2021
December 4-5, 2021
March 12-13, 2022
June 18-19, 2022

Scheduled workshop times:
Saturday: 9a-12p and 1p-4p  9a-12p on
Sunday: 9a-12p

$175 for the weekend
Early birds save $20
Early bird deadline for first workshop is Sept 1

Meet Brandon

A gymnast by trade, Brandon brings strong elements of stretching, conditioning, and alignment into his handstand workshops. Brandon’s upbeat, energetic teaching style motivates his students to both push their growth edges and meet their bodies where they are. These workshops are perfect for all handstanders regardless of experience as Brandon is a master at offering his students variations to accommodate everyone from beginners to experts.
I watched the Olympics when I was 5 and that was it for me. The next week, my mom took me to my first gymnastics class which ended with me signing up as the newest member of their competitive team. I moved up the ranks quickly and developed a deep appreciation for the sport and the discipline, strength, and resilience I had gained as a result. I started coaching gymnastics at 13, a job that carried me through high school and college. I graduated from UNCA with a degree in Health and Wellness and a full time job in public health communications. When I am not working, I am teaching. I have been coaching handstands classes, intensives, and workshops throughout the region for years and have loved every second of it. My goal in each class is to spread joy and facilitate a space in which everyone feels comfortable and confident.

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Updated HYA Policy for Delta Covid 19 Variant

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Supporting Our Greater Community 💚

Updated studio policy for HYA as of August 3, 2021

While Buncombe County is in a state of high transmission and for the safety of our community – to help mitigate the spread of the new delta variant – we will now be requiring masks indoors at all times (for vaccinated and unvaccinated folks.)

To learn more about this challenging decision keep reading.


We all knew it was a matter of time…🥴

And you must know we are in a pickle of a situation. There is no perfect solution that will make everyone happy.

“To mask or Not to mask?” that is the question. 

Alas, here we are … again. 😷

The level of community transmission in Buncombe county has now jumped to HIGH risk. See Covid Data Tracker for current stats.

Our greatest hope was that by now we would be out of the woods and out the other side of this pandemic.

I would love to imagine an idyllic reality where Covid is not happening at all, we bask in the sun with rainbows and unicorns 24/7, as well as have open hamstrings and never ending vegan chocolate that ends hormonal fluctuations…  and … oh…how about no global climate change, no extinction of animals and free Bitcoin for all!

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Get Your Zen On: Restorative Reiki Experience Workshop

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Lauren Ashley Grygo grew up in New Jersey and recently moved to Asheville from sunny south Florida. A 300 RYT and Reiki II practitioner; Lauren is passionate about creating an atmosphere that is fun, spiritually charged, safe, challenging and honors the space of your unique yoga practice.

“I found yoga at a time that now I know was dire,” Lauren said. “It has saved my life a few times. I know that part of my life’s purpose, my dharma, is to show others not to fear themselves and their emotions, the world and others.”

This new monthly workshop series will take you on a deep dive into the energy channel’s of your body, each session exploring the nature and meaning of each of the seven Chakras, using the Japanese healing technique known as Reiki.

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One Year Later… How the Pandemic Changed Everything and Nothing

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It was a year ago today – with the hope of flattening the curve – we shut our indoor facilities at HYA. In fact, we closed our doors one day before the official mandate in NC because we could see what was happening and wanted to do our part in protecting our loved ones and you. We also wanted to be ready to continue providing you high quality services without missing a beat.

Remember that? We were so naive to think we would only be closed for one week, maybe two weeks max!?! Ha! 

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Updated Policies

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Hi Adi,

What we love about you the most is your dedication to your practice and HYA. It inspires us to do more and our goal is that everyone gets a chance to practice. We envision a world where everyone is empowered to live their best life – and we know yoga is an amazing way to make this happen.

With current limited capacities (30%) it can be a challenge to coordinate the schedule and get everyone into class -But it’s nothing we can’t handle if we work together! 🥴

Our goal is to continue to expand our offerings, and utilize the overflow room more often, however in order to get accurate data to make these decisions, we need your help.

Note: Up until now we have been very lenient with these policies. However, in order to create a sustainable schedule, we need to enforce this policy with consistency moving forward.

Sooo… Moving forward, here’s the scoop:

Please adhere to and support our updated policies.

(Drum role please!)

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We have Great Ideas

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asheville yoga indoors

As we near winter and the days get colder, outdoor yoga and at home warm yoga become more of a challenge. We understand that many of you are not ready to return to in studio classes. We have been completely humbled by the support of our yoga community and we would not be open still without you.

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New Mask Mandate

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As of March 26th, 2021nc executive order yoga studio

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