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Our Teachers

Experienced, extremely well trained and many have been with us since we opened 15 years ago or have trained directly with us. You are in good hands with the best long-standing and dedicated instructors in Asheville.

Adi Westerman

Adi will bring out your inner power, get you focused, and have you feeling great in a snap. Her Flow classes are creative yet concise, so you’ll be able to follow along and modify as needed. Her 26 and Plus classes are hot, sweaty and fierce – just how we like ‘em!

Adi teaches Vinyasa Power Flow, Slow Flow, Hot 26, Sadhana, and is the creator of Hot 26 Plus (oh and occasionally teaches everything else like HIIT, Nidra and Yin). 1st place Southeast regional champion 2009 and 2015. And voted one of the Best Yoga Teachers in Mountain X Best of WNC 2017, 2018 and 2020/21.

You’ll notice Adi has a keen eye for form and alignment, and she teaches with concise cues to help you navigate each pose to the best of your ability.
While she encourages you to work hard and focus, the underlying message is always about listening to your body.

From Adi

I began my hot yoga practice in the year 2000 and it forever changed my life. I lost 40+ lbs, skipped grad school, became a Full Time yoga teacher and went on to open Hot Yoga Asheville in 2008 – on credit cards and the hope that “if you build it, they will come”. Well, I sure am glad I did!

Yoga continues to evolve for me personally. I love a good Hot 26 class when I need a “reality” check and centering. I love Power Flow when I want to get my energy out and feel strong! I love Yin when I need to be alone (even in a public class). And I love HIIT and Inferno when I need a good butt kicking! Over the years, meditation and breath-work have also become one of my passions. Asana (yoga poses) in its simplest form provides a means to check in with Self and reconnect to breath while clearing out stress and emotion.

For the first time, I am currently living away from HYA and a hot yoga studio but I keep up my practice solo. The pandemic was a super rough ride for yoga studio owners like me. After 15 years, it became time to pass the HYA daily task torch to my team, and focus on my family – 2 daughters and husband.

Though I may not be “on site”, I am in touch daily with the team and continue to make magic behind the scenes. I currently direct HYA from Costa Rica and love to hold retreats for our community there.

Retreats provide the ‘next level’ opportunity to integrate all the work we do in “normal life” and I love helping people make that transition. I look forward to meeting you!

(PS. If you have pregnancy or post-cesarean questions, please email me and I will do my best to advise.)

Heather Newman

Meet Heather ❤️‍🔥, a dedicated and experienced Hot Vinyasa yoga instructor who has been igniting the passion for power flow at Hot Yoga Asheville for the past 8 years and has two decades of personal practice. She has a passion for guiding students to extend the benefits of yoga beyond the mat, aiming to foster a practice that resonates throughout daily life. Over the years, yoga has been a transformative force, shaping her physically, mentally, and emotionally in unexpected ways.

Through Vinyasa teachings, Heather prioritizes creativity and motivation, adding a lively touch with uplifting music. By fostering a space where individuals can push their boundaries, find joy, and practice mindfulness in a safe environment, she seeks to empower others to move and breathe in entirely new ways, to set hearts on fire and shift you toward self-discovery and personal growth.

Ultimately, Heather’s goal is for every student to leave class feeling strong, open, and alive—a testament to the instructor’s mantra: “Grow & Glow.” Join her for an unforgettable journey that will leave you feeling energized and ready to embrace your full potential.

Pssst… Heather has been voted #2 best yoga teacher in WNC 2021 & #1 best yoga teacher in WNC 2022 & 2023!

Booie Young

Booie has a way of guiding her students through postures with a sense of calm and purpose. She teaches with integrity and a deep understanding of the body. She continues to empower herself with continuing education courses and brings to her classes new “gems” along the way. Her classes will having you feeling relaxed and blissed for the rest of the day!

From Booie

Originally from Maine, I have a background in teaching French, traveling and snowboarding. One day in 2000 I fatefully walked into my first Bikram yoga class and never looked back. I loved it instantly. It transformed my life, and very quickly I decided to teach in order to share it with all of you. After years of running and aerobics (with my screw-loose mind and body), I found health, happiness and balance through yoga. I trained intensively in Los Angeles with Bikram later that year, and have been passionately teaching and practicing since. I love seeing people improve their lives through this amazing practice, and I believe strongly that ANYONE can do this yoga.

Amanda Blair

As a native to rural WNC, Amanda’s roots run generations deep in these mountains. Her childhood consisted of Saturday lunches, gatherings with her close-knit extended family, and many opportunities to run wild exploring the forests near home. These experiences instilled a profound appreciation for community and the great outdoors. Now, Amanda loves running, biking, camping and simply lounging outside as much as possible. Having been raised in a large extended family gave Amanda a deep understanding of the importance of being in community. HYA has become Amanda’s tribe and she could not be more excited to be teaching here.

Initially, yoga was purely physical, a nice way to balance out some of the high impact sports, but eventually something started to shift. Amanda registered for the 200-hour teacher training in 2021 and found a connection between the practice and her life purpose of being in service to others. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to hold space for others in this way and looks forward to an ever deepening practice and connection with this our community.

Will Jones

Class with Will is a joy and delight. You will feel invigorated and inspired for the rest of the day. Will Jones has been leading fitness classes for over 20 years and has a great understanding of body mechanics…perhaps because his other gig is as an Anesthesiologist at Mission Hospital. Will completed the Inferno Training with Gabi Walters and in 2020 became a certified Hot 26 instructor. You can see him in the hot room almost every day. You will love his classes.

Lynn Zinser

A class with Lynn hits all the angles: fun and challenging, precise and free flowing, full of detailed instructions and anatomical cues, focused on core strength and proper alignment.

With more than 1,200 hours of yoga training across disciplines, Lynn teaches every style of yoga offered at HYA. She loves the creativity of Power Flow, the mental and physical challenge of the long holds in Align Flow, the strength building of Inferno and HIIT, the discipline of Hot 26, the peacefulness of Yin.

She started practicing yoga in 2009 to recover from back pain, got hooked in her first week and never looked back. Despite being an athlete her whole life, nothing built the kind of stamina, strength and mental clarity like yoga. She took a leave of absence from the New York Times in 2013 to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and a new career was born. She taught for three years in New York City before following her heart to Asheville in 2016, adding a Vinyasa Flow training in 2021, a 300-hour advanced VInyasa training in 2023 as well as certifications in Inferno, HIIT and Yin along the way. She feels so grateful to be able to step away from her 30+ year career in journalism and share her dedication to yoga with the students at HYA. She teaches frequently and also helps manage HYA.

Lex Keklak

After my first Bikram yoga class, I remember thinking, “I want to do this everyday for the rest of my life.” I can’t say I’ve taken class every day, but I can say that there is not a day that goes by that I’m not influenced by the lessons this yoga has taught me. At first, the benefits I gained were purely physical, but as I continued, I found that this yoga had infiltrated every aspect of my life.

My best friend took me to my first class when I was 19 years old and it’s been chasing me ever since. It followed me to college, overseas, and across the country to Bikram’s Teacher Training in 2005. I taught all over the Philadelphia area until I found my way to Asheville to study Chinese Medicine in 2009.

Now as a practicing acupuncturist and parent, yoga makes me better at life overall. It has kept me sane, built my self-confidence, given me the tools to overcome every obstacle, and introduced me to some of my greatest friends.

Ross Randall

Ross is well known to many at HYA and has spent almost a decade in Asheville teaching and practicing yoga. You will see Ross in lots of different classes! He currently teaches Hot 26, Hot Power Flow and Inferno Core with passion, purpose, and a good helping of humor. He is dedicated to making yoga accessible and understandable to all — and has a special affinity for first-time students, remembering his own rookie experience 20 years ago.

Ross’ dislike of vegetables and kombucha makes him unique in the yoga community.

From Ross

Hot Yoga Asheville prides itself as being welcoming and accessible to everyone. It’s this diversity that makes our classes so dynamic. You won’t meet a nicer or more hard-working group of students—nor a more caring and talented faculty of teachers—anywhere.

Rachel Kaplan Sheffield

Rachel thrives on helping people. She’s Bikram Yoga Certified (2007) and has been teaching yoga and breath work for more than 15 years and doesn’t plan on ever stopping. She began teaching in the New York City area, and has traveled to teach throughout the country. Although yoga can help transform a person’s health, Rachel saw a need to coach her students about fueling their bodies to gain maximum results on their mat. She decided to go back to school and earn her second degree in Food and Nutrition Sciences. In 2017 she graduated from University of Alabama and has chosen the path of Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Coach. When you take a class with Rachel, you’ll feel unstoppable. She is passionate about the Hot 26 for All series and breath work and has a disciplined approach to her teaching style. She believes deeply in the healing benefits of the practice. Her solid yet playful disposition makes it easy to trust her guidance. She’s loves to engage students in deeper conversations about yoga anytime she can! Rachel can’t wait to meet you!

Ruth Ingram

For Ruth, yoga has been a journey toward healing, self-acceptance, surrender and empowerment. Ruth’s mission is to help guide her students toward finding strength in their bodies and peace within their hearts.

Ruth got certified as an RYT 200-hour teacher in 2013 has been teaching regularly ever since. She received her training at Yoga South in Boca Raton, Florida under James Kigar and Judy Weaver. She also completed a 200-hour training in Sivananda yoga. Ruth completed her 500-hour training at the Asheville Yoga Center in September 2019.

Ruth has the unique ability to reach each student in her class, and her style, like her personality, is warm, nurturing, funny and compassionate. When you take her class you can see her enthusiasm for the practice, attention to sequencing to alignment and her joy in taking her students to their edge.

Ruth is a full-time yoga teacher dedicating her life to the 8 limbed path. She believes the practice starts between classes, in our relationships and ways of being. She has a strong commitment to always being a student first. In the fall of 2020, Ruth joined the teacher training staff at the Asheville Yoga Center and leads the children’s yoga portion of the 200-hour training and leads 300-hour modules.

She also enjoys hiking, Pilates and barre classes. Ruth loves sharing her life in Asheville with her partner and chocolate lab Lulu.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

Follow her on Instagram at to see pictures of her as a part-time donut model.

Tania Laveck

Tania has deep roots in Western North Carolina and has always been inspired by the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.

She was drawn to yoga a few years back while struggling with multiple injuries and she noticed immediate and profound healing not only for her body, but also for her mind and spirit as each class inspired more hope. The challenging yet creative, playful nature of the classes led to a more active practice that transformed into a passion. That led Tania to join the 200-hour RYS vinyasa teacher training through Hot Yoga Asheville (HYA) in 2021.

As a devoted mountain biker, Tania enjoys applying the concepts of yogic science not only to finding flow on the trails, but to all other aspects of life. With a background in engineering, Tania likes to contemplate biomechanics principles and laws of motion when studying the yoga asanas.

Tania feels as though the amazing people of HYA have become an extended family and feels honored and blessed to be on this exciting journey of sharing and growing with this amazing yogi community.

Tarah Plavac

When you take class from Tarah you will leave feeling peaceful. Her focus on stillness & breath will guide you through the series & keep you calm. Tarah is Bikram Yoga Certified & has been teaching since 2008.

Quiet the breath. Quiet the heart. Quiet the mind. Find stillness within movement. Listen to the silence. Meet strength with ease. Meet stability with lightness. Move mindfully in awareness. Enjoy the peace that follows. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Raphaela Fritz

Prepare to be drawn into the vessel of your own embodiment. Rapheala’s classes combine fluidity of movement, yogic alignment, focused breathwork and attention to subtle anatomy, refilling your energy and awareness for whatever the world brings you.

Raphaela taught at HYA from 2016-2020 and is excited to return to contribute to the wonderful lineup of amazing teachers. Certified in both Bikram & Anusara, she teaches from a culmination of not only her training, but of her life experience, providing a blend of joy and technique in class. She brings her unique flavor to Hot Power Flow, Slow Flow, Flow & Restore, Expand and Yoga HIIT and is grateful to be a part of making lasting positive changes in student’s bodies, minds & hearts.

In 2004 she relocated to Santa Fe, NM where she attended massage school as well as falling in love with the teachings of tantra through Anusara Yoga. She embarked in many teacher training, immersions, and countless workshops over the next few years gathering knowledge and wisdom along the way. She has been offering custom bodywork sessions for almost 20 years. She understudied with her mentor and compiled thousands of hours of study, and teaching.

“It has been over three decades since I first stepped onto the mat, and I cannot imagine life without yoga,” Raphaela said. “I first taught yoga to at risk children in Tucson. I completed Hot Yoga training in 2001 and taught full time in Houston, and placed Top 10 in the first international yoga competition. I continued to study yoga, biomechanics, human anatomy and received my Massage License almost 20 years ago in Santa Fe.”
These teachings and experiences led me to co-found Nectar Healing Arts in 2009 with my husband in Barnardsville, where I continue to facilitate women’s yogic workshops and retreats.

“I’m joyous to return to HYA and share yoga together again! This practice continues to keep me focused on becoming a more evolved version of myself as a mother of three, wife, teacher, student, and woman in the world, as I know it can do for anyone.”

Natalie Tanous

Born and raised in Northern Maine, Natalie first ventured into Asheville during a road trip following her senior year of university. After exploring more of the country she returned to Asheville to settle into the comfort of southern Appalachia. Natalie has been tapping into yoga since she was in high school, but coming onto the front desk team at HYA in March of 2022 only accelerated her journey on the path of yoga.

Natalie spent her 25th birthday on the beautiful island of gods— Bali, Indonesia. Here she was immersed in a 200 hour vinyasa and Ayurvedic yoga teacher training with Jai Wellness. Her training focused on the history, philosophy, and tradition of yoga, and it’s sister science, Ayurveda. Natalie expanded her connection to life and the divine through yoga. You can expect Natalie’s classes to include elemental themes based on the season and time of day, Sanskrit terms, and a sprinkle of spirituality.

Britt Klach

Brittany Klach moved to Asheville in 2022. She always knew that this mountain town would become a place for her to build roots and call home.

Britt found her love for yoga in 2015 and began teaching in 2018. She is 200-hr Vinyasa and Hot 26 certified by the Bella Prana Collective in Tampa, FL.

Britt continued to follow her journey across the country and was a leader in her San Jose, Calif., yoga community. During this time, Britt started teaching Yoga Sculpt and HIIT classes, and felt empowered to share the high vibration created in this space with others.

Britt always shows up with a huge smile and her positive power. She wants her students to feel inspired by their own magic on the mat.

Britt prioritizes her development and education and plans to start her 300hr YTT this year. She continues to set goals to grow and pursue her passion for yoga.

Mae Weeks

Mae has combined extensive yoga training with her education in exercise science and anatomy to bring HYA students the best of both worlds: a sound, challenging physical practice that also allows students to dive deep and find the power of now.

Mae completed her 200-hour certification through Tamal Dodge, where great emphasis was placed on correct alignment, breath awareness and yoga philosophy. Her degrees in Exercise Science and Physician Assistant studies have led her to emphasize the importance of alignment.

“My exposure into the world of yoga has given me the opportunity to learn from wise and inspiring individuals,” Mae said. “Not only do I wish to share my experiences with my students, but I hope to inspire self reflection. I hope this will evolve into a new way of thinking or acting.”

Mae’s goal is to provide a challenging Flow rooted in traditional Yoga and the principles behind Bhakti Yoga. Her classes are challenging both physically and mentally. But no worries, she has some pretty awesome playlists which will make the time fly. She can’t wait to see you on your mat!

Joel Davis

Joel Davis was born and raised in Denver but recently decided to plant roots in Asheville and has joined the teaching team at HYA. He will be teaching all the Flow styles, as well as meditation classes.

Yoga came into Joel’s life at a young age and it quickly became a perfect supplement to his athletic training as a lacrosse player. Although it was the physical practice of yoga that drew Joel in, it was the mental and more subtle aspects of the practice that made Joel fallin love with yoga for . While Joel is still passionate about the physical movement, he has discovered that the real magic of yoga lies within the mind and most importantly within the heart.

He has attended teacher trainings in Thailand, Peru & Bali and has taught yoga at various places all over the world. He has a warm inviting smile and personality, and he creates a safe space that allows students to feel comfortable and to truly be themselves. You can expect his classes and teaching style to be challenging, fun, creative, intentional, meditative, and sometimes include a little live music!

Grey Scott

When you take Grey’s Class, you will connect to a community environment filled with high energy, challenging transitions, and breath to movement. Grey uses themes of self-pride and compassion to motivate his students as they practice, and likes to cheer on the entire room. He is known for his funky playlists, core drills, and his spiritual goofiness. Grey will make you feel right at home, and that you belong.

Grey first discovered yoga when he studied in Santiago, Chile in 2013. His mind and body responded quickly to yoga, feeling a sense of clarity and a dose of magic. He continued to practice and found the inspiration to become an instructor in 2018 in Boston. After his 200-hour Vinyasa training, Grey immediately started completing other trainings in Katonah Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, and Yoga HIIT.

Grey’s keen eye helps students to structurally align into postures, while giving reminders to engage muscle groups. His teaching style focuses on movement with grace, poise, and precision. Through teaching, he encourages students to keep a strong focus on steady breathing; encouraging students to do their ‘best’ rather than their ‘most.’ Grey promotes a safe exploration into more advanced sequences, all while cultivating a positive attitude and refining the mind-body connection. Grey’s fitness mindset & yoga philosophy will light up your core in his flow and HIIT classes.

Mary Rich

Mary’s class is fun and filled with great energy. When you take her classes you are sure to feel her even-keeled nature. She brings joy and focus to the room, which helps you leave the class feeling good about yourself and what you can do!

“I took my first Bikram Yoga class in 1999, while living in the Napa Valley. I wore fleece leggings thinking, “How hot can this be… really?” However overdressed, after that first class I knew I was hooked. I was amazed at how quickly I was benefitting from the therapeutic effects of this yoga in mind, body and spirit. The structure of the class and the unwavering guidance of my teacher, Kamika, was what I needed to bring some peace to my ‘out of control’ life. I learned that my practice mirrors my life and the lessons are endless. Although the yoga is always the same, I am different each time I walk into that room and there is more self realization awaiting me if I am open to it. As Bikram says, “Instead of blaming others for your own weakness, fear and depression, you will learn to take responsibility for your own life. You’ve got to face yourself in the mirror, every part you don’t like, every mistake you make, every excuse your mind creates to limit your potential liberation–there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. No escape from reality….”

I finally went to Teacher Training in the Fall of 2010 and have been privileged to teach at my home studio in Asheville as well as other studios around the country. I look forward to a lifetime of teaching this yoga. See you in the hot room!

Amber VanBuhler

Amber found yoga in 2012 and has been practicing ever since. Not only did her practice help her on a physical level, but she began to see the world differently and knew yoga was her way of life.  With a dance and cheerleading background, Vinyasa-style classes were a natural fit.

As her practice began to deepen, Amber discovered the magical power of Yin yoga. Together, these classes create a beautiful balance in the body, mind, and heart; and are the main styles of yoga Amber currently teaches.

Since we are always students first in the world of yoga, Amber constantly practices remembering to allow the divine unfolding of the universe and knows that her purpose in this lifetime is to spread love through yoga.

Upon graduating from Asheville Yoga Center in 2022, Amber began to spread that love through her teaching. During her classes you will be encouraged to honor your body, to seek balance on all levels and to create space for remembering the gold that exists within us all.

Lindsay Thomas

Lindsay’s lifelong passion for embodiment, movement, dance and mindfulness fuel the heartbeat of her passions, classes, workshops and retreats. She fell in love with yoga while attending her first class in 1996, became a licensed massage therapist in 2008, attended her 200-hour teacher training in 2011 and started teaching. In late 2016, Lindsay expanded her yoga studies and apprenticed with Adi Westerman (owner of Hot Yoga Asheville) to learn how to lead Hot 26 classes. In 2021, she attended her 300-hour teacher training.

When you take a class with Lindsay, expect a unique class experience that weaves together mindfulness, movement and unique soundscapes. Her classes are infused with the continuous invitation to feel the connection between body and breath, and to utilize each moment as an opportunity to deepen presence. Yoga has offered a continuous refuge throughout her own blessings and challenges. It lights her up to offer her students the ongoing invitation to return to their mats and to remember the wisdom that lives within their bodies.

Ready for class?