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Adi Westerman

When you take class from Adi, you will immediately notice her keen eye for form and alignment. While she pushes people to work hard and focus, the underlying message is about listening to your body and working on the form to help your postures progress. She reminds us to use the form as a means to meditate and let go of stress and emotional baggage. Adi leads Hot 26, Hot 26 PLUS and Hot Power Flow Vinyasa Yoga Classes. She has been featured in Yoga International and on WLOS and WYFF.

“I began my hot yoga practice in 2000 while still in college. I immediately fell in love with the feeling of accomplishment upon completion of class. It was also great to sweat and feel cleansed! The class challenged me both mentally and physically, so I could be found early in my practice hiding behind my dreadlocks in the back of the room. But with regular practice I was able to gain a sense of confidence and determination and in the end was also able to shed 40 lbs! I feel that the Hot 26 classes are the BEST classes for anyone injured or new to yoga. They work to realign and cleanse the body in a very systematic and therapeutic way. It will always be the foundation of health in my life. Hot Power Flow classes are upbeat and fun. I enjoy practicing both styles on a regular basis. I LOVE the way they complement each other! I opened Hot Yoga Asheville in March of 2008 and am thrilled to share my passion for yoga with the community.
Just for fun I competed in the NC Regionals in 2009 and 2015, both times placing 1st.

I have two summer daughters, born 2010 and 2014. I continued practicing Hot Yoga throughout my pregnancy using pregnancy modifications. It was a great way to stay healthy and in shape, and my body bounced back very quickly- even after two unplanned cesareans! If you have questions regarding pregnancy and yoga feel free to email me at the studio.”

Adi Westerman yoga teacher asheville

Booie Young

Booie has a way of guiding her students through postures with a sense of calm and purpose. She teaches with integrity and a deep understanding of the body. She continues to empower herself with continuing education courses and brings to her classes new “gems” along the way. Her classes will having you feeling relaxed and blissed for the rest of the day!

“Originally from Maine, I have a background in teaching French, traveling and snowboarding. One day in 2000 I fatefully walked into my first Bikram yoga class and never looked back. I loved it instantly. It transformed my life, and very quickly I decided to teach in order to share it with all of you. After years of running and aerobics (with my screw-loose mind and body), I found health, happiness and balance through yoga. I trained intensively in Los Angeles with Bikram later that year, and have been passionately teaching and practicing since. I love seeing people improve their lives through this amazing practice, and I believe strongly that ANYONE can do this yoga.”

Booie Young Yoga Asheville

Heather Parks

When you take class from Heather you will know that you are in good hands. She is easy going yet teaches with infectious passion.

She says: Yoga came into my life after having dealt with several herniated discs at a young age. Being told “not to be physically active”… I knew there had to be another way. I started yoga about 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back. It changed my body entirely and other aspects of my life. I came to Asheville in 2010! Completely in love with the beauty of this place, the people and most of all the YOGA!!! I’ve settled nicely here on the East side of Asheville, enjoying my 2 children, husband and beautiful home! In 2012, I decided to get certified to teach.

They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. My love for yoga, is just that. I love being able to teach people to move in ways maybe they never thought possible. Teaching Vinyasa Flow allows for creativity in movement, for both body and mind; adding the heat is amazing of course! Having practiced at Hot Yoga Asheville for years, I’m excited to be teaching among some of Asheville’s greatest teachers. My style… like to crank the tunes, challenge people to come out of their comfort zones, keep you mindful and lastly, make sure you leave feeling awesome.”

Heather Parks Asheville Yoga

Joe Falco

When you take a class with Joe you can expect to feel like you got a great workout as well as loosened up and blissed out. Joe applies principles of yoga aimed to produce lasting benefits in the nervous, endocrine, and musculoskeletal systems through practices involving movement, breath work, deep relaxation and conscious meditation. His classes are designed bring your awareness into your body, facilitate the development of strength and healing and leave you feeling very deeply relaxed, present, and profoundly connected.

Joe Falco is an experienced Health and fitness instructor certified in CrossFit, Mobility, Yoga, and Ayurveda. He was certified by Yoga Works in their 200hr RYT Program in 2014 and became an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist in 2015 from the Himalayan Institute. He took on yoga as his full time profession in 2014 and has since taught over 4000 hours of Yoga Instruction including co-leading four Teacher Trainings. His passions and studies extend to the realms of music, recovery, artwork, freemasonry, tantra, and eastern philosophy.

Joe Falco Asheville Yoga

Julie Hruska

When you take a class with Julie, you will be infused with positive energy! With her empowering, free-spirited teachings and lively playlists, Julie’s hot power yoga classes create an opportunity for personal transformation. She leads classes with unbridled optimism and a little sass! Julie’s yin and restorative yoga classes are thoughtfully designed to help students cultivate mindfulness, compassion and acceptance of all beings. Through her teachings, students awaken to the present moment, are empowered to become the best versions of themselves and inspired to share their light with the world.

Julie explains, “I discovered yoga when the stress of daily life became more than I could handle. Anxiety took hold and I found respite on my mat. I teach hot power flow to help students burn through their stress and build their inner strength. To balance the intensity of hot power flow, I also teach yin & restorative yoga, which help students release tightness and tension, cultivating a sense of inner peace. The equanimity between these forms of yoga is critical. Each student should explore the different types of yoga to discover what’s best for them. I aim to help every student reach their fullest potential, both on and off the mat.”

Through yoga, Julie became fully present to each moment and developed gratitude for the many blessings in life. She believes in living “namaste” by leading a positive, healthy lifestyle while spreading kindness and compassion to all people. Julie has earned her E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and is a Tier 1: Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Leader (300 hour). In addition to teaching at Hot Yoga Asheville, Julie is a mentor with Africa Yoga Project, https://www.africayogaproject.org/ . She has also volunteered to teach kids yoga clubs and yoga to individuals recovering from addiction.

Julie is the creator and visionary of Awakened Life Yoga, LLC. https://awakenedlifeyoga.org/ and a Certified High Performance Coach, helping people reach their optimal levels in the areas of career, relationships, emotions and health.https://awakenedlifecoaching.pro/She is the mother of three children and has a Shiba Inu. Julie enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. She serves our WNC community by volunteering at Manna Food Bank and Brother Wolf.

Julie Hruska Asheville

Lyndsey Azlynne

Lyndsey’s deep-rooted passion for the wisdom and the innate resilience of the human body has fueled her work as a massage therapist, as well as her own yoga practice that began over 20 years ago.

Lyndsey’s yoga classes are an invitation to sink deeply into the sensations and the wisdom of the body. The practice of yin and restorative yoga incorporates longer held poses, deep breathing, and the conscious invitation to melt the body open. Yin yoga is a perfect compliment to fast-paced classes and modern living. This powerful practice soothes the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and taps into the parasympathetic nervous system where we can rest and deeply restore.

Through these longer held poses, the fascia and connective tissue of the body begin to soften, creating more space and freedom in the body, and in our lives!

In late 2016 Lyndsey expanded her yoga studies, and apprenticed with Adi Westerman (owner of Hot Yoga Asheville), and is now teaching Hot 26 classes, as well as the sonic hour class every Mondays from 12-1pm.

Lyndsey Azlynne

Lynn Zinser

When you take class with Lynn you will experience a welcoming energy and presence. Her classes are fun and informative and you will be guided safely in and out of postures with support and a sense of belonging.

Lynn started practicing Bikram yoga in 2009 as a way to recover from a back injury and, feeling relief in the very first week, never stopped showing up in the hot room. Despite being an athlete her whole life, the yoga gave her a level of strength and a feeling of power over her own health that nothing else did. Wanting to share that experience with others, Lynn took a leave of absence from her job at the New York Times, attended Teacher Training in 2013 and taught at Bikram Yoga NYC for three years before she, her husband Geoff and puppy Brooklyn followed their hearts to Asheville. She balances teaching and practicing with a full-time job as an editor at a non-profit journalism site.

Michaela Bardossas

When you take a class with Michaela, you will experience a fluid, strong, unique, creatively & intelligently sequenced flow. She is known for her ability to guide you to safely increase your flexibility & mobility, as well as your strength. She is also known for her detailed alignment cues. Her classes combine active flexibility with strength so you will leave feeling lighter, open, and energized.

“Teaching yoga is truly my passion as well as holistic nutrition counseling. I’ve always been drawn to vinyasa because of the creativity and fluidity in the movement- I have so much fun planning them each week! I like the flows that I teach to feel like a dance, but also be strong and challenging. I taught yoga full time at a dozen studios and had my own health coaching business in New York before deciding to move to Asheville in March 2020. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to teach here at Hot Yoga Asheville – which immediately became my favorite studio to practice at when I moved here”

Michaela Bardossa

Ross Randall

Class with Ross is a pleasure! He has a long history of practicing Bikram Yoga and knows so much! In his class you will surely laugh and feel relaxed while working hard (of course!) He loves to remind us: “Don’t be lazy, Don’t Be Crazy”. In other words, he encourages us to work hard, but also to listen to our bodies and rest when needed.

“Decades of contact and competitive sports and the resulting breaks, sprains, rips and strains had left me feeling anything but flexible. I attended my first Bikram class with the same kind of competitive spirit I had brought to other athletic pursuits, and was instantly amazed by how peaceful everyone else seemed to be! My first year-and-a-half in the yoga room was not pretty, and probably overly dramatic. But I learned from patient teachers, who I came to know as beautiful and fascinating people, that this practice is indeed for everyone. My 90-minute moving meditation kicked-in somewhere along the way, eventually providing that calm everyone else seemed to have. I practiced yoga in the hot room for almost 11 years before I decided to go to Teacher Training. I’ve had the good fortune to teach in New York and Washington, D.C. but thrilled to return to my small-town roots in beautiful, friendly Asheville.”

Ross Randall Asheville Yoga

Rachel Kaplan

When you take class from Rachel you’ll feel grounded. Rachel has a passion for helping others and making people feel enough. Her goal is to have anyone who takes her class experience their inner strength while having a ton of fun!

Rachael Kaplan Asheville Yoga

Ruth Morrow

Hot Power Flow: When you take class from Ruth you will immediately feel welcomed and know you are in good hands. Ruth’s love of yoga comes out in her teaching, in her enthusiasm for the practice and attention to sequences, alignment and her students. Ruth completed two 200 hour teacher trainings and enjoys teaching vinyasa flow, hot power, yin and kids yoga. Like so many Ruth came to yoga for healing and has continued to practice and teach for the benefits it brings to body, mind and soul.

KIDS YOGA: Kids will love coming to Ruth’s class because she will immediately makes them feel comfortable and they will m know that they are going to have fun. Ruth brings her unique ability to make each child feel special in class as well as weaving generous amounts of patience and creativity into each class. Children will be singing with Ruth and her ukulele, using their breath and of course learning yoga poses to help them feel more comfortable and free in their bodies. Themes are also taught and books read. Ruth’s love of children began when she was still a child, and she brings with her a long babysitting career as well as a deep love for her 5 nieces and nephews.

Tarah Plavac

When you take Tarah’s class, you will feel her ability to transform your sweat and hard work into sunshine. With a keen eye for alignment, Tarah focuses on staying with the breath while encouraging her students to find their inner strength and peace. You will leave the hot room feeling happier, lighter and taller ~ as if you’re growing towards the sun.

“I took my first Bikram yoga class in Marietta, Georgia nearly ten years ago. A few classes in, I knew it would not only be a phase, but a way of life. After suffering from scoliosis since a teen, I found the series to be incredibly healing. I attended Bikram training in Acapulco in 2008 and have since been teaching full time at various studios in Atlanta. I am thrilled to be back in Asheville and excited to grow with the yoga community here.”

Will Jones

Class with Will is a joy and delight. You will feel invigorated and inspired for the rest of the day. Will Jones has been leading fitness classes for over 20 years and has a great understanding of body mechanics…perhaps because his other gig is as an Anesthesiologist at Mission Hospital.  Will completed the Inferno Training with Gabi Walters and is a long time lover of Hot Yoga! You can see him in the hot room almost every day. You will love his Inferno classes.

Will Jones Asheville Yoga