Free Yoga Day at Hot Yoga Asheville

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Hot Yoga Asheville’s 11th Anniversary
Free yoga Asheville
Thank you for being an important part of our vibrant yoga community!
To say thank you, we are CELEBRATING!

KICK OFF our anniversary celebration,
Friday, February 22, 2019 at 6:45 pm

80’s Themed Black Light Hot Power Flow

co-led by Heather and Stacy!!!

Then join us for a
Saturday, February 23!!!
Bring your friends and join the fun!

Come back at 6:30 pm Saturday evening
for a community gathering & potluck.
Please bring your favorite dish to share and celebrate!

We look forward to CELEBRATING with YOU!!!

*All classes are free and first come first serve, so sign in for your classes today!*

Must arrive at least 5 minutes before class time or you may lose your spot to waitlisters.

See our Full Class Schedule

A note from Adi:

Hi all,

This is Adi, HYA’s studio owner. I opened Hot Yoga Asheville in 2008 with my good friend Janet Horn. We had both attended a teacher training together and though we didn’t really know each other well, we both had a profound love of hot yoga. So when we discovered that both of us dreamed of opening a yoga studio in Asheville, we decided we were a match made in heaven. Only trouble was, neither of us had capital to make it happen. But with the help of my trusty credit cards and handy dandy friends, we made it happen.

We opened the doors to our original space on March 1st, 2008 while still working other jobs. By day I ran a yoga studio and drove a Subaru that didn’t go in reverse and had duct taped side mirror. And by night, I was slinging lobster and seafood at The Lobster Trap.

It was a pretty special day when we had built the business up enough to walk away from our “other” jobs and take on studio life full time.

Fast forward a little to 2011 when Janet moved to be closer to her mom in Shelby and I took over Hot Yoga Asheville solo-style. This same year we rebuilt the studio and went from 2,000 square feet to 4,000 (and have since expanded to 5,000 sq ft!).

We now offer a wide variety of classes including Vinyasa style Hot Power Flow, Hot 26 Classes (formerly Bikram), Hot 26+ classes  (created by yours truly), Yin and Restorative yoga, Wellness yoga, Yoga Ripped and More!

I have had such an incredible time watching our Asheville yoga community and I look forward to many more years to come. Please join us for a free yoga day in Asheville beginning with 80’s themed Blacklight Power Flow Yoga on Friday February 22nd and continuing throughout the day on Saturday February 23rd, 2019 at 802 Fairview Rd.

I’ll meet you on the mat!

💜 Adi

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BONUS 12 Days of Sweat-Mas Day

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Welcome to our 12 Days of Sweat-Mas

at Hot Yoga Asheville12 Days of Sweatmas hot yoga Asheville
Join Us for 12 Days of Free Yoga Classes, Free Inspiration, Free meditations, and tips and tricks!

Join Raphaela for our bonus day of 12 Days of Sweat-Mas. Enjoy a preview into our upcoming Chakra Series.

Learn about chakras in your body and how to incorporate movement and yoga to ignite various energy centers. Join Raphaela for this sneak preview class and join her for an 8 week series beginning this January Saturday evenings.

Light up from the Inside in 2019 with Raphaela

12 Days of Sweat-Mas Day

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Welcome to our 12 Days of Sweat-Mas

at Hot Yoga Asheville12 Days of Sweatmas hot yoga Asheville
Join Us for 12 Days of Free Yoga Classes.

Enjoy free inspiration, free meditations, and tips and tricks!

Our gift to you. We love helping enhance your hot yoga experience and yogic lifestyle.

As an instructor, mother, and business owner I know how challenging making it to class can be around the holidays. With erratic weather, kids out of school, extra errands to run and family in town or travels, yoga sometimes ends up taking the backseat.

This holiday season we put together our favorite lessons for you to enjoy from anywhere! Join our many instructors as they share their passions with you. We hope you enjoy these videos and revisit them whenever you need a quick fix.

Much Love and Gratitude,


To view all of our videos featured for our 12 Days of Sweat-Mas Click Here.

Watch our videos below!

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Snow Day at Hot Yoga Asheville

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Hey Yogis!

It’s a snow day at Hot Yoga Asheville!

We hope you are staying warm at home and enjoying your day off. We know missing yoga is a bummer and scouring youtube videos for a good yoga class up your alley can be a challenge.

So we’ve got two exciting things going on that will hopefully cheer you up and warm your bones to skin.


It’s SNOWGA Snow Day Contest Time! Enter to win a free month of yoga!

  1. Take a snow yoga pic
  2. Post to Instagram or Facebook (be sure to make it public)
  3. Tag Hot Yoga Asheville
  4. Use hashtag #hyasnowday

12 days of Sweat-Mas email headerWe’ve also made a special sneak peek video for our 12 Days of Sweat-Mas coming up on December 12th! Each day our instructors have made videos for you to watch from home on snow days or while on vacation.

Stay tuned for more of these… Here’s your BONUS sneak peek video.


Yoga Pose Snow Day



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Every morning, I wake up and do a little recognition of all that I am grateful for… even my snoring husband who kept me up half the night. 😴 Hehe…

Ok, actually just kidding. I don’t remember to do this every day. BUT… I do know that on the days I remember to do this, I always have a better day.
I am less grumpy, more generous, more forgiving and more patient.

And it really is so simple. I just lay there and think to myself, “I am grateful for my husband, my kids, my warm bed, my job, running water” or whatever else pops into my head.

Try it… You may find a new level of peace.
And we all know how much this is needed these days!

Much love and gratitude,

Fall back into the grind

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It’s time. The sun’s going down earlier, pumpkins are suddenly on sale, and everyone in your office is suddenly getting sick. That’s right. It’s Fall.

Swimsuit time’s over.

Fall is tough. You probably spent the past couple months spending your weekends on a pristine beach with a  margarita in one hand and a fish taco in the other.

The trees aren’t the only thing in transition. It’s time to buckle down, trade that margarita for a yoga mat, and get back to the dreaded grind.

Let’s talk about the grind. What is it, really? It’s not just waking up at the same time every day, doing the same thing, and repeating it over and over until your eyes glaze over and everyone wonders if you had a lobotomy.

The grind is about discipline. It’s about setting an intention, and working towards achieving that intention. It can be as simple as “I want to drink less coffee.” Great! Do it! Lord knows I definitely need to.

The point is, setting a goal and slowly working your way towards that goal over an extended period of time builds character. Character’s good! We should all have more of it!

This brings me to probably the most common trap people face as they soldier through the fall season: eating. Food rules! We all love it, and we all love it a little TOO much from time to time (which is fine. Bear with me.).

The cold weather, stress from work, and food-focused holidays combine to create a perfect, delicious storm of carb-filled comfort foods and fatty meats.

Fear not, yogis! I am here to provide you with some delicious, gluten free, and low sugar recipes to help you get that comfort you need without ruining all the hard work you’ve put in.

First off, we have a butternut and sausage fritatta. A simple breakfast you can whip together either using what’s listed in the recipe or whatever you have lying in your fridge, it leaves you filled and ready to crush your day.

The best part of Fall is bundling up in your favorite fleece pajamas with a bowl of soup, which is why I bring you this pinto pozole! This may take more time to prepare, but trust me, it’s worth it. Plus, you’ll have a TON of leftovers.

It’s easy to let our defenses fall and take a big bite into that giant plate of Grandma’s Cheesy Cream Carbs. And that’s okay! As we venture into the Fall, it’s important to take time to treat ourselves to things we enjoy. Just remember to keep grinding. Happy Fall, and see you on your mat!


Why I Chose My Husband… and Why You Should Care

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Hey Yogis…Adi and Matthew

Let’s talk about love. Let’s talk about respect. But really, let’s talk about time.

I’ll get right to it… very simply put, my entire love interest with my now husband began 17 years ago… I was just finishing up college, had dated lots of great guys (and some not so great ones), but there was always one thing missing in the good ones…


And then there was Matthew, who was always on time. Every time. And if he was running late, he would pick up the phone and call me.

This, simply put, did it for me. It showed me that he cared. It showed me that he valued our dates. It showed me that despite being a wandering hippy 30 year old, he still had enough of his crap together to keep his promises.

And really it was as basic as that. He was nice. He was loving. He was creative. And.. he was ON TIME!

So why am I sharing this with you all? Maybe you can guess. But here it goes.

As we start heading into our traditionally busier fall and winter months, it will become increasingly important that we make it to yoga class on time.

This means you are on your mat, ready to practice exactly at the start of class.

I contemplated and struggled with writing this for a while, because for those of you who regularly find you are running a few minutes behind… I don’t want you to feel bad. We’ve all been there! Life is super full and we are absolutely doing our best to keep up.

But here’s the very interesting thing about punctuality. This really hit home for me these days, so I wanted to share it with you all.

When you are on time for your yoga class,

  • It shows the other students respect and allows the start of class to be fluid and meditative
  • It allows the mat spacing in the room to occur before postures begin
  • It allows you time to mellow out for a second before starting class
  • It helps the teacher to start and end class on time
  • It creates a cohesive group energy


  • Being on time helps affirm your own self worth and value.

How so? Well… think about it this way.

If you see yourself as a super busy, hot mess, type of person… making the choice to be 5 minutes late everywhere, reaffirms your own belief that you are not enough…. That your time is running out…. That you just can’t get your life together.

In other words, it perpetuates the cycle that you just can’t keep up with your own life. And I’ll tell you from personal experience, this creates so much more ongoing anxiety and stress.  And yes, I do believe being perpetually late is a choice however subconscious as it may be.

So if you happen to be that person who is often running behind… Really don’t worry about it. Moving forward… just do a bit better.


And don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for the other yogis in the room. Don’t do it for the teachers. Just do it for yourself. Because I promise, if you begin this small change in your life, your entire yoga experience will feel more satisfying. And you will positively reaffirm how amazing you know you are.

Being a hot mess is cool… it’s real… trust me… I know it. I’m right there with you.

But perhaps we can pledge to just be better in this one small way, and see what comes of it.

Who knows!? You may even find your soulmate. 💜

Much love y’all!


Happen to be late anyhow? Whoops!

Here’s some Yogi Etiquette Tips for Ya: 

  • Wait to enter the room between poses
  • Scope out a good spot before you enter
  • Come in quietly
  • If Hot 26 Class… just set your stuff down and begin breathing. After breathing, go ahead and roll out your mat to set up.
  • Avoid setting up directly in front of someone’s view.
  • Especially those classes without desk help, call ahead so we don’t lock you out. (Practice at a different studio? Ask what that owner prefers for yoga etiquette in these instances. Communication always helps.)
hot yoga asheville front desk

Yoga Guidelines – Benches are for Butts

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Yoga Perfect?

10 Yoga Guidelines to Improve your Yoga Class

We’ve all had those days when everything and everyone just pushes our buttons. And when it comes to our yoga experience, we’ve all had those classes we wish everything and everyone would just be perfect. 👌  In that absolutely perfect yoga scenario, you probably have:

1. a ideal amount of space from your neighbor,

2. a perfectly sticky yoga mat to help you grip in down dog or triangle,

3. you get to be in the 3rd or 4th row with no obstruction of view,

4. the music has been magically catered to your every desire 🕺

5. the teacher uses the perfect combination or serenity and power in their voice so you can quietly move and meditate throughout your yoga session with ease, and

6. every pose is perfectly executed by your incredibly graceful pain free body. 💜

Well, let me stop you right there. 🚫 Actually I should’ve stopped you at the start. There is absolutely NO “perfect yoga scenario”! I repeat there is no such thing as a “perfect” yoga class.

Ask any long time practitioner and they will tell you the same thing. The external world cannot improve OR be detrimental to your internal practice. In other words, there is NOTHING that can steal your peace in yoga class.

Simple, right?🧘‍♀️ Don’t let anyone steal your peace. So easy… but

Ask that same long time practitioner and they will also tell you that there is a yoga etiquette that can streamline the process and make the internal space feel more at ease.

While we can’t control all the people and all of the things all of the time.. we can do our best to be mindful as we move through our world using compassion and awareness.

So here’s a list of simple guidelines that can help facilitate for you and others a more calm experience at Hot Yoga Asheville. 

1. Be on Time and Sign In. Please always be on time and sign in for class. This can help free up the desk staff and teachers to do more pressing things, like greet new people, answer your questions,  mop up and air out the room between classes. If we are held back looking around and trying to account for the missing sign ups we cannot serve the community as effectively. And you guys are our number one priority!

2. Use cubbies. “Benches are for butts not bags.” If we can free up the benches in the changing rooms for sitting, this allows students who need extra rest after class to get the moment they need while getting ready. Use cubbies for your belongings and take shoes off before entering changing areas and yoga rooms.

3. Mats and Towels. We require yoga mats and towels for all practitioners. This allows for safety and cleanliness of our communal space. Much like most indoor activities proper equipment can facilitate a better experience. Go rock climbing you need proper shoes and harness. Bowling? You’ll need those cool kicks and socks. Swimming.. you gotta wear a swim suit. 🙂 For Yoga 🤸‍♀️: Mat ✔️ Towel ✔️ Water ✔️ Yoga clothes ✔️

4. Plastic/metal only. Please refrain from using glass bottles. There have been too many accidents over the years with broken stepped on bottles that we must enforce this more regularly. What’s worse is that most of the time it’s the person who brought the glass that’s the one who gets injured. Ack. Save those toes!

5. Use the rectangles. The floor in our bigger “mountain” room is made up of rectangular floor tiles. We did some math (yes yogis can do math 🤓) and spaced out the tiles so that every person can see a little part of themselves in the mirror when folks are inside the tiles. So notice where you set up and things will run more smoothly.

6. Silence is golden. Right? Well… not always. We love community. We love meeting up with friends. And what better place than yoga? So before class we are ok with some quiet chatting… but please respect some quiet after class during savasana. Some folks like to mellow out and unwind after a session.

7. Wipe up your puddles. If any liquid other than sweat is leaving your body… please attend to that during class. But all the lovely purging of sweat you’ve left behind afterward… please bring an extra towel to wipe it up after class too.

8. Hydrate. Drink water before class for more endurance. Add electrolytes to water for effective hydration. Fill up with Kangen Water  in our lobby. Avoid eating 2-3 hours before class to maximize blood flow.

9. Say hello to new folks. We all remember our first yoga class though I’m sure many of us would like to forget it. Even after 18 years of practice, I totally get the jitters when walking into a new yoga studio for the first time. Help us show the newbies how awesome our community is! Say hello and help them feel at ease!

10. ENJOY! Let go and trust. Remember this is a community practice and a very safe place for you to elevate yourself to your highest state. Let’s work together and support each other in remaining positive and uplifted!

Much Love and Gratitude Yogis! See you in the room!

For more yoga tips click here. 

Adi ✌️🙏

New Optimized Pricing

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Here’s the thing… yoga only works if you show up! Sounds so simple, but really, truly. . . You have to show up. I don’t care what you do once you get here…lay in savasana or do every pose… just show up!

Having to worry about which pass to buy is too complicated and not really important. We are making it easier for you to focus on what is actually important-and that’s YOU and your practice.

Our new pricing will launch on November 1st.

Until then you still have to option to purchase any of our existing pricing plans.

New Optimized Pricing!


$109/month | *or $99/month when purchased before November 1st


  • 10% off retail (excluding drinks)
  • Free access to specialty workshops
  • 3 week long buddy passes
  • Freeze for up to 3 months at no charge (additional holds $20)

The Ultimate option to get the most out of your yoga! Best for yogis who come 7x per month or more.


$69/month | *or $59/month when purchased before November 1st
5x per month
Drop in price on additional classes
A great way to maintain your practice, body, and mind. Best for yogis who practice 4-5x per month


  • No Hassles
  • No Commitment
  • No Set Up Fees
  • Opt out anytime with only 30 days written notice

10 Pack

$150 (for 1 year)

*discounts on multiples. Save $50 per additional 10 Pack purchased in the same transaction.

Make packs shareable for only $20.


30 Days for $30

Includes a mat & towel on your 1st class.

*You are eligible for this plan if you have not been to class in over a year.

10 Tips to Maximize Your Yoga Practice

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by Adi Westerman


Whether you are brand new to yoga, or a seasoned practitioner one thing is for sure… there are always ways you can enhance your practice to suit your needs. Here are some of our top tips for helping improve your yoga experience at Hot Yoga Asheville.

Tip#1: Keep an Open Mind Sounds simple, right? However we often find ourselves sure of “the right way” to do things. When you find yourself judging the heat or the teacher or the sequence… the easiest thing to remember is that you are unique. Your experience may not be your neighbor’s experience. So keep an open mind. You’ll begin to appreciate the things you hate.

Tip #2: Tell the Teacher what YOU Want Though as yoga teachers we have been honing our superpowers for a long time… we still haven’t quite figured out how to mind read. We get tons of feedback from students… and the funny thing is… much of the feedback directly conflicts. One person wants more hands on adjustments or corrections, the other doesn’t want to be touched or told specific adjustments.  One person has an injury, the other came in with super human strength. We do our very best to accommodate all of you… but we could use your help! Want more one on one corrections or adjustments? Speak up before class! Let us know! We want to help round out your practice!

Tip #3: Mix it Up At Hot Yoga Asheville we now offer Hot Power Flow, Hot 26, Hot 26 Plus, Yin and Restorative, and Inferno Core. Feeling sluggish or at a plateau? Switch it up! Don’t be scared. We got you in good hands.

Tip #4: Precision It happens to all of us. We fall into auto pilot. It’s not a crime. But the more precise you can be with your yoga postures, the safer and more quickly you will improve. This means doing your best to listen to all the little details of instruction. At first maybe you try and nothing happens. No big deal! The next two insights will help… read on…

Tip #5: Intensity Come to class with purpose. Whether it’s to relieve stress, feel better, heal an injury (the list goes on)… when you feel tired, remember your purpose and intention. This will help tap you into the intensity you desire. And intensity can even be a super intense savasana! Zzzzzz…..

Tip #6: Consistency Keep coming back! Don’t give up! The transformation you desire is around the corner. The more you practice the quicker the results. 1-2x a week is maintenance. 3x a week or more… you’ll start to feel the changes more immediately.

Tip #7: Stay Hydrated You’re sweating in hot yoga, right?! Staying hydrated will be key to feeling good. A good basic formula is to drink half your body weight of water in ounces throughout the day. Add electrolytes to your water too. Kangen water is available for fill up at the studio. This water is not only alkaline, but it is rich in antioxidants and is restructured for easy absorption. You can even buy a machine for your home when you get addicted like us.  You can also add electrolyte drops or sea salt to your water. This will help replenish your body after a good sweat.

Tip #8: Eat Nutrient Rich Foods Magnesium, minerals, vitamins… these are key to strong muscles and supple body. Make sure you are eating leafy greens, potassium from coconut water or bananas, magnesium for preventing cramping and soreness… the list goes on. A well rounded diet that is full of good fats, veggies, calories that are good for you will help give you the energy you need to keep strong in class.

Tip #9: Take Workshops As an autopay member you save 5-10% on all workshops and many of our workshops are free! Take advantage of these sessions to help with all of the above, especially precision and technique. See upcoming workshops here or download our MB App. 

Tip #10: Have a Positive Affirmation One of our favorite things to say in my family is, “All you can do is do your Best!” As long as you are showing up, trying your hardest, you are getting the benefits… and remember, your best is going to look different each day. So don’t compare to yesterday. Be kind to your inner self and yoga on! Oh and always remember love and gratitude- the most powerful force in the world.