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Artist in Residence: Scarlet Hamrick

By June 30, 2024No Comments

Our Artist in Residence this month is Scarlet Hamrick, whose amazing photographs have been hanging in the lobby at HYA. Scarlet has been part of our HYA community since 2022 and we are thrilled to highlight her artistic ability

HYA: How did you get into photography?

Scarlet: While traveling and exploring the great outdoors, photography became a vehicle of transmission for me. My photographs allow me to share the feelings of gratitude, awe, humility, and wonder that I experience when I’m out in nature. 
“A picture is worth one thousand words.”

HYA: How does yoga influence your art?

Scarlet: Yoga greatly influences my photography by enhancing my mindfulness and presence in the moment. It helps me cultivate a deeper connection with my surroundings, allowing me to notice subtleties in light, composition, and subject matter. Additionally, yoga promotes creativity and emotional well-being, which infuses my photography with a sense of balance, clarity, and depth.