Hot 26 yoga is a beginning yoga class (also known as Bikram Yoga) is a series of 26 demanding postures completed twice in a heated room for 90 minutes. We call it “Hot 26”. These classes are suited for all ages and levels of ability. Each posture stretches and strengthens specific muscles, ligaments and joints stimulating the organs, glands and nerves to move fresh oxygenated blood to 100% of the body. With regular practice, the Hot 26 Yoga system will improve health, increase energy, help prevent illness and injury and limit the effects of aging. As a physical challenge, the yoga method will change the body’s shape, developing muscle tone and losing inches. As a mental challenge, this system combines the skills of concentration, patience and self-control to improve mental clarity and reduce stress.


Hot Vinyasa  Flow classes are set to upbeat music and include postures such as downward dog, chaturrangas, warrior, pidgeon and more ashtanga based postures. The temperature is set around 100-105 degrees. You will sweat and surely have a great time doing it!


The room is intentionally heated to protect the muscles for safe deep stretches. The heat helps to detoxify the body by opening pores in the skin to flush out toxins. The heat increases the heart rate for a better cardiovascular work-out, helps to improve strength by putting muscle tissue in its optimal state, and softens collagen around the joints for more freedom of movement. Our studio has radiant far infrared panels to provide even more health benefits to the joints. Whether you perform all the postures or simply stay in the room and sweat…you still gain benefit!!




The heat in the room helps ignite our body’s own heating system.

In the Bikram Method classes, breathing exercises in the beginning of class coupled with the heat in the room, begin to warm the body from the inside out. The metabolism starts to speed up, preparing all systems to start working. As the lungs fully expand and take in more oxygen, the heart starts to pump oxygen-rich red blood cells.

The 26 postures are sequentially designed to isolate portions of the body a section at a time by closing off circulation to a group of muscles, organs, and glands for a few seconds. Once released from the posture, oxygen-rich blood returns at a high speed to the closed part of the body, sending in nutrients and flushing out waste. By this method of stretching and contracting, circulation is improved and we open up blocked areas of the body.

By the end of class, Bikram Yoga has given you a full body work-out: every cell has been re-vitalized, the spine is strengthened, and all 5 systems are restored to their intended 100% working order, giving you an energized body and a relaxed mind.


This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. Yoga is not about how flexible you are already, but about strengthening your body and spine in all directions and, gradually, improving flexibility. Through consistent yoga practice, your flexibility will improve, but it is not necessary to be flexible before coming to class.


To get the optimal results, expect to practice at least 3 times a week.* Over a short period of time, with this frequency of practice, you can expect to see and feel the reshaping of your body. Physically you will lose inches, gain muscle tone, and improve strength and balance. Mentally, you will notice improvement in concentration skills, willpower, and a reduction in stress. Medically, you will notice that you are sick less and not as prone to injury. Bikram Yoga specifically is proven to help those suffering from insomnia, depression, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, shoulder, knee and back injuries. Through these changes in the body, there will be changes in the mind, attitude and behavior–all positive changes to help improve your quality of life.

* Less frequent attendance will still impart benefits, but they will not be as quick or as complete. Practicing daily is great! Just be sure to hydrate and take electrolytes.


  • It is essential to drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure proper hydration before beginning class.
  • Arrive 15-20 minutes before class time for a personalized consultation to prepare for your first class.
  • All students will be asked to sign a waiver form.
  • Wear light, nonrestrictive clothing comfortable to stretch in a room that is heated to 98-102 degrees.
  • No perfume, cell phones or pagers in yoga room (in case of emergency situations you can have your cell phone on vibrate but please let us know if advance and you will need to protect your device from water damage from humidity and sweat.)
  • Always sign in before class begins.
  • We recommend you to come as many times during your first week as possible to acclimate your body and get a good detox.
  • You get 10% if you buy a package in your introductory week.
  • If you have questions about Yoga, never hesitate to ask any of our staff members or certified instructors.
  • Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our studio.


Doing Yoga during pregnancy is not only safe but also a healthy experience throughout the term of your pregnancy. With your doctor’s permission and knowing the correct modifications, continuing your practice during pregnancy can be a beautiful time for you and your baby.

Courtesy of the Portsmouth, NH Bikram studio, “Yoga has been reported to help pregnant women throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery. There are some important notes to consider before starting or continuing your practice. Women who practiced Bikram Yoga during pregnancy have reported feeling better during pregnancy, fewer complications, greater ease and less duration of delivery and calm, happy babies. You can learn to breathe, cope with stress and stay comfortable in your body through all of the changes pregnancy has to offer.

If you are currently a practitioner of Bikram Yoga, feel free to continue your practice as long as possible, under the advice of your doctor or midwife. Many women have practiced right up until delivery. Once you complete your 13th week, your teacher can instruct you in the modifications for pregnant women. To see illustrations and descriptions, ask at the front desk. You may notice that the practice is very challenging in the first trimester as you are adjusting to hormones and increased blood volume.

If you have never done Hot Yoga before, wait until you have entered your second trimester before beginning classes. From the beginning, you will practice the pregnancy modifications.

Many women may feel intimidated by the heat of the room. Doctors often caution women from saunas and jacuzzis. Unlike a jacuzzi or a sauna, the body temperature rises minimally during a Hot Yoga class, on average 0.6 degrees, because of all of the sweating and liberal use of fans. You have nothing to worry about. Do the best that you can. You may even want to bring a thermometer to class to prove to yourself that you and your baby are okay.

Important notes for pregnant women:

  • Practice at about 50% of your capacity and never to exhaustion.
  • Be sure to stay well-hydrated.
  • Feel free to bring a sports drink or snack into class if you find you are light-headed or hungry during class.
  • Practice in a cooler area of the room or by the door. Feel free to leave class anytime to cool down.
  • From the second trimester on, practice standing postures with your feet six inches apart for stability.
  • Do not push your hips forward in the backward bends. The cartilage in your hips is preparing for birth by loosening and is less stable than it was before you were pregnant.
  • No forward compressions or belly-down postures after the first trimester. Ask your teacher for modifications

Enjoy yourself. You are preparing for the SuperBowl of your life!”

The series was also made into a DVD video specifically for pregnancy by Rajashree.

We also have a print out of the modifications for you to use at the studio