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How to Properly Hydrate

Our top tips for how to stay hydrated on and off the yoga mat.

Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day on low activity days… more if you are active.


Make sure you add electrolytes to your water to help you absorb water more quickly. This can be a simple pinch of sea salt added to your water bottle.


Keep a filled water bottle with you at all times. Our favorites are stainless steel insulated bottles that keep your water cold even in the hot yoga room. If you don’t have a good water bottle, come grab one at Hot Yoga Asheville!


Not thirsty? Eat hydrating fruits and veggies like cucumber and watermelon. Soup (if not over salted) is a great way to get in fluids during colder months.


Top tip! Use warm water in your stainless steel water bottle during winter to make it more enjoyable.


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