Be on time for class. We occasionally lock the lobby doors at the start of class for security purposes when we do not have staff at desk.

Be equipped. All students must have a yoga mat, a large towel and water. All of the above can be rented or purchased at the front desk! Alkaline, ionized, mineral rich water is available to fill up for $1. Please NO glass containers.

Do not take personal belongings into the studio room, i.e. keys, bags, cell phones, shoes, jackets, etc. We provide cubbies for your personal belongings.

Be quiet when in the room after class

Please wipe up your area. Perhaps bring an extra towel to wipe up your practice area, just as you would at the gym after using a machine.

Let the teacher know of any injuries you have before the class begins, or any reason you may be modifying your practice. It is good that the teacher is informed and they will be able to offer suggestion for modifications, if needed.

During class, if you need to stop for any reason, please sit or lie down on your mat.

Breathe slowly in and out through your nose in all postures.

If you know that you must leave early for a prior commitment, let the teacher know before class begins.  Please do your best to stay for the full duration of class.

Love your neighbor. The group energy of a great class can be a powerful tool.

Help us keep our studio and yoga family a safe haven for all. Please share your experiences with each other and feel free to greet and welcome newcomers and show them around. We all remember our first Hot yoga class!
It’s OK to feel “weird” or different in every class. Whether it’s mental, physical, emotional or spiritual …or all of the above…it’s OK to go through many changes in the 60-90 minutes.  Its not about what your postures look like. Its about how you try. This is a life long journey. A yoga practice! NOT a yoga perfect! Yoga makes you….YOU ; )

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