Alternative Yoga Classes

Heated and Non-Heated Yoga Classes

Inferno Core

Do you want to lose weight, get stronger, and see changes quickly? 

Inferno creates long lean muscle mass, burns fat, and increases health levels. It is an intense, full body workout set to pumping good tunes designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall health- the perfect addition to your yoga addiction! Prepare to be inspired, to sweat, and to work hard!

This class combines Yoga and Pilates principles with low impact/high intensity interval training, while performed in a room heated to 95-100 °F. 

 Inferno is a perfect compliment to our traditional Hot 26 and Hot Power Flow Yoga classes. Grab a friend and come have a blast!

Warm Yin/Restore

For those times you just need to relax and unwind and completely soften into your spa loving self. 

The practice of yin yoga incorporates longer held poses, deep breathing and the conscious invitation to melt the body. A perfect compliment to fast-paced classes and modern living our Yin Yoga classes will sooth the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and tap into your parasympathetic nervous system where you can rest and deeply restore. 

Through these longer- held poses, the fascia and connective tissue of the body begins to melt and soften, allowing for more space and freedom in your body and life.

Room is warmed via state of the art far infrared panels to a comfortable 85-90 °F so you can truly let go and unwind.

Kids Yoga ages 4 and up

This Kids class time coincides with a class in the hot room so parents can practice yoga, while their kids get a yoga class of their own. In this class the teacher will explore playful ways to engage kids in a yoga practice through stories, activities and more. The class is one hour, but the teacher will supervise free play while the parents finish up their own yoga class. Currently on pause… Please check back for future updates.

Kids Yoga