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The Booth Fairy Project: Spread Good Vibes

By July 29, 2022September 7th, 2022No Comments

Local professional do-gooder, Asheville’s mascot Elle Erickson, who leads The Booth Fairy Project, is launching a big drive to boost the morale of our city by organizing to fund two prominent billboards and one mural to spread positive, uplifting messages.

These phrases include:

“You’re on the right path”
“Take a deep breath”
“This is a positive sign”

These will help us come together and feel uplifted. They will generate smiles and lower the road rage. The previous one reading “Take a deep breath” was a huge success, it helped so many people!!!  Let’s do it again…with even more power and positivity! Asheville needs this!

Please join us in taking our local advertising back and being a part of this exciting plan to help our community. We need to come together and give each other this boost! 71,000 cars drive down 240 in Asheville daily, that’s 25.9 million cars a year that will get positively affected!

100% of the funds raised go towards the uplifting billboards.

Go to The Booth Fairy’s Go Fund Me page to contribute!