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Hear from Amanda and Tania

By July 26, 2023No Comments
joe falco yoga

Hey there, fellow yogis!

Ready to spice up your life with a dash of Vinyasa magic? Look no further!

Our upcoming Vinyasa Teacher Training is calling out to all free spirits, fun seekers, and authentic souls. Buckle up for a journey that’s going to shake up your world!

Oh, and psst…the early bird discount ends on July 31st – don’t snooze and lose on this epic opportunity! Enjoy $500 off! (Psst… $900 off per person if joining with a family member).

Why Choose Our Vinyasa Teacher Training: We know you want a training that’s not just “blah” but a wild ride full of laughter and growth. That’s why our teacher training is like no other:

  1. Spicy Instructors: Our team is made up of super cool, experienced yogis who’ll guide you with passion and a dose of humor. We promise you’ll be cracking up as much as you’ll be learning! Adi Westerman has been leading classes since 2005 and opened HYA in March of 2008. Lots of experience right there! But if that wasnt enough, we’ve partnered with Joe Falco who is the perfect mix of sweet and spice.
  2. Vinyasa Vibe: Vinyasa Yoga, baby! Get ready to ride the flow like a surfer on a wave – it’s all about moving to the beat of your breath and embracing that oh-so-good flow!
  3. Two-Week Yoga Party: From October 21st to November 5th, we’re throwing the most awesome yoga bash! It’s not just a training; it’s a joyful celebration of yoga and friendship.

Let’s Hear from the Cool Cats:

But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Let’s hear what Amanda and Tania have to say – they rocked our last training:

Learn More About the Training

Ready to Join the HYA fam?

This is it, folks – your golden ticket to an adventure of a lifetime! And remember, the early bird discount is waving at you, urging you to jump on board before it flies away! Embrace your playful spirit and get registered today! Head over to our website [include website link] to join the tribe.

 Are you ready to groove, flow, and dive into the magical world of Vinyasa yoga? Get your yoga pants ready and your enthusiasm pumping because our Vinyasa Teacher Training is where the party’s at! Leave your worries at the door and bring your playful, down-to-earth spirit – this is going to be a wild ride!

 Amanda and Tania have already set the stage with their authentic tales of growth and joy. Don’t wait any longer – claim your spot, and let’s rock the yoga world together!

We can’t wait to meet you on October 21st – it’s going to be legendary!

Namaste, party people!