Yin & Pin: Creating Balance Through the Seasons

By July 29, 2022 Blog

Yin & Pin is a harmonious marriage between acupuncture, sound healing and restorative/Yin yoga, resulting in an all-in-one amazing experience.

Join us for this quarterly event with:
Lauren Grygo, Vinyasa Flow and Yin instructor and Reiki II practitioner
Lex Keklak, licensed acupuncturist and yoga instructor
Valerie Blohm, yoga instructor, Reiki Master and sound healer

Be sure to mark your calendars! Four opportunities await!
Stay Tuned for more on this series!!! It will be an experience like no other!

Autumn Equinox (9/22), workshop: 10/8/22
Winter solstice (12/21), workshop: 12/10/22
Spring Equinox (3/20/23) workshop: 3/11/2023
Summer solstice (6/21/2023) workshop: 6/10/23