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Yin & Pin: Creating Balance Through the Seasons

By July 29, 2022September 7th, 2022No Comments

Yin & Pin is a harmonious marriage between acupuncture, sound healing and restorative/Yin yoga, resulting in an all-in-one amazing experience.

Join us for this quarterly event with:
Lauren Porter, Vinyasa Flow and Yin instructor and Reiki II practitioner
Lex Keklak, licensed acupuncturist and yoga instructor

Be sure to mark your calendars! Four opportunities await!
Stay Tuned for more on this series!!! It will be an experience like no other!

Fall Workshop: 10/8/22 2:30-4p (coincides with Autumn Equinox on 9/22)
Winter Workshop: 12/10/22 (coincides with Winter Solstice on 12/21)
Spring Workshop: 3/11/2023 (coincides with Spring Equinox on 3/20/23)
Summer Workshop: 6/10/23 (coincides with Summer Solstice on 6/21/2023

Our first yin and pin will be held as we transition into autumn. In Chinese Medicine, autumn is associated with the metal element. This time of year is about connection, quality, holding on and letting go. It is a time of increasing yin, a time to wind down, get your storehouse ready to see you through the winter.

After being led through a restorative yin practice [by Lauren Porter] participants will be treated to a carefully curated acupuncture treatment [from licensed Acupuncturist Lex Keklak] designed to help ease the transition into the fall season, boosting the immune system and building up the body before winding down for the winter.

The workshop will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations for the change of seasons.

What to expect: A supine supported butterfly pose – a restorative variation – with 2 blocks under each knee and a bolster supporting the entire spine.

This particular variation eases tension off of the hips, and lower back to create a restorative, restful version of supta baddha konasana.

Benefits of this variation include a gentle massaging of the digestive organs as well as creating space in the ribs and lungs to find full breath, this working both major organ systems (lungs and intestine) affiliated with the Fall Season.