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We have Great Ideas

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asheville yoga indoors

As we near winter and the days get colder, outdoor yoga and at home warm yoga become more of a challenge. We understand that many of you are not ready to return to in studio classes. We have been completely humbled by the support of our yoga community and we would not be open still without you.

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What’s up the the Schedule?

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best yoga studio asheville


Happy Fall!

In all the hustle and the bustle of reopening we can’t believe it’s already been a month. We are so grateful that we’ve made it through our closure and have classes again, and it’s so good to be back! We aren’t out of the woods yet. Reopening means increased overhead and rebuilding and restaffing of everything we worked tirelessly to create since 2008. We are doing what we love and so grateful we are here because of people like you.

We are reaching out to fill you in on some behind the scene details in the hopes to help ease any scheduling concerns you may have.

But first… 

Thank you for voting for us as Best Yoga Studio, best fitness studio with classes and for Adi as Best Yoga Teacher. We are so humbled and grateful for the time you put in to vote for us! Thank you thank you! Read More

10 Day Refresh

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10 day refresh yoga asheville challenge

Don’t miss this 10 Day Refresh Sept 1-10th with Adi Westerman and Heather Parks!

For just $3/day… (ya, just $30)…. you’ll get 12 videos to keep forever!⁣

Can’t make it live? No problem! We will send you a link to download the classes for you to keep! ⁣

Not sure yet?⁣
Here’s a snapshot of what to expect! ⁣

👉🏽Day 1: Core Confidence⁣
👉🏽Day 2: Neck and Shoulder Elixer⁣
👉🏽Day 3: Stand for Something ⁣
👉🏽Day 4: Happy Hips⁣
👉🏽Day 5: Boost your Arm Strength⁣
👉🏽Day 6:Learn to Rest, don’t Quit⁣
👉🏽Day 7: Wring it out with Twists⁣
👉🏽Day 8: Strong and Safe Backbends⁣
👉🏽Day 9: Freedom in Forward Folds⁣
👉🏽Day 10: Head to Toe⁣
PLUS A BONUS SECRET VIDEO (hint: something sweet)⁣

Just 20 minutes a day on zoooom.
We are better together! ⁣

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HYA Re-Opening Guidelines

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Our yogis are our family. Because of this, we must take care of you. So, when we sat down to put new safety measures in place, we went above and beyond the recommended CDC Guidelines. Keep scrolling to see the logistics of our new plan. Keep in mind, this is just a start. As we learn more, we’ll be constantly fine-tuning and updating our rules and regulations as we go.

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Outdoor and Virtual Yoga

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Hi Everyone,

We are happy to see you in our outdoor and online classes!

We just wanted to break it down a bit for you in case you have any questions.

  1. Outdoor sessions daily! Please pre-pay and pre-reygister for classes to help streamline our process.
  2. Visit our Pricing Page to make sure you are settled up before arrival. We have created a variety of options for you to choose from.
  3. Sign up for class here.
  4. Interested in On Demand Only? Over 300 Classes to choose from at Self Cancel anytime! First Week is Free!

Please read the class descriptions for Covid Safety Guidelines

Thank you for supporting our Small Locally Owned Business!

See You Soon,

#HYAStrong June Challenge

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hyastrong yoga challenge

We all know yoga helps us release stress and tension, but it also strengthens the immune system. Keeping up a regular practice gives us a healthier body and a healthier relationship with ourselves.

There is a lot going on in the world and the US right now and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with stress management.

I would like to dedicate this June challenge to those whose voices aren’t heard yet. I am a strong believer that in order to be effective in the world, you have to have a fierce clear mind.

So let’s take this time to get strong in body and mind. Email if you know of partnerships we can make to support the movement for equality.

#HYASTRONG challenge in June is to join us on social media every day for a new pose, video and more. Each under 10 minutes! Stay connected via Instagram and Facebook so we can support each other.

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Phase 2 in North Carolina | What Does this Mean for HYA Yoga

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coronavirus covid yoga asheville

First of all, thank you for opening our emails, for sharing your successes with us, for sharing kind words and posts, for loving us from afar. We have been completely humbled and honored to have you with us.

And to those of you who have maintained your memberships with us, thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is no way we would be making it through this without you. This is not meant to make you feel bad if you suspended or canceled.  We recognize that a virtual practice is different and that you should do for your family and yourself as needed.

However, we know that keeping up with familiar faces, moving your body, and making time for yourself is the only way we will all maintain our wits about us at this time. Read More

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Temporary Closure Updates – What You Need to Know

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We had a great day holding our first LIVE classes! Check your email for details on how to access recordings. We are adding more daily. Check our schedule page for class updates as we work to create a live schedule with variety of classes and instructors! Thank you for you understanding and patience as we work hard to bring you awesome classes to your home!

Please check your email for password and access the Video Content Here.

You may also grab One Week Online Pass for $25 and get access to our LIVE classes and recording for a week at a time. We’ve got folks from all over the world joining in! You can too! Read More