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Coming March 2022

By November 10, 2021June 21st, 2022No Comments

200 Hour Hot Power Flow Teacher Training

Not every training is created equal. For the past 14 years, HYA has been committed to growing community above all else. Our mission has always been to focus on each person during their journey. We have grown HYA exclusively through leading incredible yoga classes and working to make our teachers the best in their field.

Now it is time for us to expand our vision and guide those ready for to level up their life and practice through our dynamic fun teacher training.

Our studio is 100% committed to creating strong yoga teachers and empowered people in the world.

We believe that focusing on one modality (in this case Vinyasa) you can specialize your focus in our field. Many trainings try to teach it all. In turn, you get a somewhat diluted overview of the many modalities available under the big umbrella of Yoga – which is great. But…

At HYA, we choose to dive deep into one main modality so you can excel as a student and find freedom in your personal practice, while learning leadership skills to level up your life off the mat.

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