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We have Great Ideas

By December 29, 2020June 21st, 2022No Comments

asheville yoga indoors

As we near winter and the days get colder, outdoor yoga and at home warm yoga become more of a challenge. We understand that many of you are not ready to return to in studio classes. We have been completely humbled by the support of our yoga community and we would not be open still without you.

While it may seem like our studio is out of the woods because we are open, as you can imagine, our limited class sizes make our margins very tight. We also wanted to honor your commitment to our studio this year and chose to not raise our rates for current members. However our yoga rooms were designed to fit 40-70 people respectively so holding classes with just 21 folks (or less when people no show or don’t fill up) make many classes challenging to operate . The previous rates were based on larger capacities and as the days get colder studio expenses go up.

With all that said, we believe that we can get through this together and we have some ideas to keep you all involved, EVEN THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT READY FOR GROUP CLASSES.

So here’s a sneak peek into what we are working on: 

  1. We are working on rewiring the sound system so we can potentially hold overflow classes in the Sun Room (formerly known as the bamboo room). There would no be a visual of the class (as cameras and hot rooms don’t mesh well) but we are hoping the teachers will be able to do fly by’s between the two rooms. This is a work in progress and fingers crossed it does what we hope! This would allow us to have 33 people taking the same class between the two yoga rooms. Honestly we aren’t sure how this will pan out in reality, but if 2020 has taught us anything it’s to learn how to PIVOT! Lol. So it’s worth a shot!
  2. We have purchased another “beast heater”. This should help keep the yoga rooms nice and toasty. We are considering opening the Sun room to allow for private on demand classes for folks not ready for groups.
  3.  In order to gauge where our community is, please fill out our questionnaire.


A few more head’s up in an effort to be as transparent as possible: 

  • [Doors] As the lobby gets chillier, keeping the room fully heated with the doors open is becoming more of a challenge. We will continue to run the ERV fresh air exchange system with the added ionizer in the duct work at all times throughout classes, but the slightly ajar open doors need to close. This was never a state mandate. We just did it to make the transition easier for everyone, however, with 28 degree mornings, it’s proving to be challenging to maintain the heat and humidity in the room.
  • [Recordings] Our recorder was out for repair, so now that we have it back, we hope to add more classes to the library and add workshops for purchase that you can enjoy from home.
  • [Late Cancel Window] We have shortened the late cancel/no show window to 12 hours. If we cannot fill your spot, $20 fee still applies. However we hope that this shorter window will allow you more time to plan your class schedule.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are on the waitlist, please make sure your text message alerts are ON so you are notified when you are added to class and can confirm you will make it. We spend hours every day trying to track down people to make sure they will make it to class. Help us help you! When you get the text, reply Y or N if you can make it.
  • [Masks] Please keep up the good work wearing your masks upon arrival and departure. If you forget a mask we have some for purchase and some disposables on hand, but please note, your washcloth, shoes, yoga mats and towels don’t count as masks. 😜  So we will offer you a proper face covering in this scenario.

Please fill out our survey below or click here to help us gauge how we can serve you best.


We have always prided ourselves on having the most dedicated and enthusiastic yoga community. We strive to welcome all levels, all abilities, all bodies in our studio and we have been so incredibly proud of the means to unite all ages under one roof.

When I opened HYA I was only 27 years old and I believed in my core that there was no difference between me and the 60 year old students who walked into our studio.

I mean, yes, my standing bow was a tad bit better 😜, BUT… they drove a fancy cars, while my broken ass ancient Subaru didn’t even go in reverse and had a side mirror duct taped on.

Yet nonetheless, we all found a common place together in the hot room and that meant the world to me… and still does.

Covid has done it’s very best to defeat our yoga studio, but we just won’t let it! We have worked tirelessly to continue to keep our studio together and we could not have done it without you.

In an effort to keep uniting our community and do what we do best – keep you strong and healthy- we are working behind the scenes to create expanded opportunities to get your sweat on…

Much love and gratitude,