10 Day Refresh

By August 30, 2020 Blog

10 day refresh yoga asheville challenge

Don’t miss this 10 Day Refresh Sept 1-10th with Adi Westerman and Heather Parks!

For just $3/day… (ya, just $30)…. you’ll get 12 videos to keep forever!⁣

Can’t make it live? No problem! We will send you a link to download the classes for you to keep! ⁣

Not sure yet?⁣
Here’s a snapshot of what to expect! ⁣

👉🏽Day 1: Core Confidence⁣
👉🏽Day 2: Neck and Shoulder Elixer⁣
👉🏽Day 3: Stand for Something ⁣
👉🏽Day 4: Happy Hips⁣
👉🏽Day 5: Boost your Arm Strength⁣
👉🏽Day 6:Learn to Rest, don’t Quit⁣
👉🏽Day 7: Wring it out with Twists⁣
👉🏽Day 8: Strong and Safe Backbends⁣
👉🏽Day 9: Freedom in Forward Folds⁣
👉🏽Day 10: Head to Toe⁣
PLUS A BONUS SECRET VIDEO (hint: something sweet)⁣

Just 20 minutes a day on zoooom.
We are better together! ⁣

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