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The Power of Feminine Energy: A Workshop

By July 29, 2022September 7th, 2022No Comments

One of the deeply rewarding aspects of yoga is that it is a practice. There is no score. There is no “winning.” The teacher is guiding and leading but not judging or finding fault. Part of the instruction is to listen to your own body, to pull back from judging yourself.

This is the feminine energy of yoga.

No, it is far from just a practice for women (traditionally, it was a male-dominated pursuit in India), and ideally, yoga combines masculine and female energy into a harmonic union. But while so much of our society dismisses feminine energy as weak and unworthy, yoga honors it: finding strength in collaboration, turning inward, trading competition and judgment for self-compassion and love. And it gives us an opportunity to increase its power in society at large. The key is finding its voice.

Join instructor Lynn Zinser for this 90-minute workshop on using yoga and meditation to elevate feminine energy, to find the voice you can bring to the world.

Save the Date:
Sat. Sept. 17, 2:30-4p
Cost: $45

The workshop is for anyone, female or male, who wants to make a difference in a world where overwhelmingly masculine energy has put us on a self-destructive course. That voice is inside you, always, but told from a very young age to be quiet, not to challenge or question, to acquiesce in the presence of men and male energy or simply join the masculine chorus.

Lynn’s background is unique, raised by a single mother long before that was common, and who refused to quiet the voice that questioned. She spent more than 25 years as a sportswriter, in a sometimes openly hostile atmosphere, where just showing up and doing the job was an act of defiance — which was often her favorite part. Now, as a yoga teacher, she has watched so many students find strength and power within, but it’s a hard road. Often, we are our own worst critic and our belief falters and our voice stays quiet.

This workshop is about self-belief, about the power of feminine energy, about finding that voice and refusing to keep it quiet.

What to Expect:
The workshop will involve a Vinyasa Flow practice, so come prepared to sweat.
The room will be heated to around 95 degrees.
The class will be accessible to all levels, Flow experience is not necessary
We will also practice short meditations, so bring any props (blanket, bolster etc.) to help you be comfortable.
The practice and meditations will teach you tools to use in your continuing practice