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October 2019

Member Appreciation Week Special Events!

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We Appreciate You…
…and to prove it, we’re hosting Member Appreciation Week this Monday, November 4 through Sunday, November 10!

  • Week-Long Benefits
  • **Enjoy Unlimited Guest Passes All Week**
  • **Friends and Family Intro Offer $20 for 30 Days**
  • Additional Class Times!
  • Specialty Classes!
  • Special Hot Boutique Deals!
  • FREE Raffle Giveaways!**
  • FREE Product Samples!
  • $2 Coconut Water
  • Complimentary tea and coffee

** Guest passes are valid for NEW STUDENTS ONLY who have not visited Hot Yoga Asheville since May 1st 2019 (6 months). **

ONE Guest Pass per person. ONE Intro Offer per person who qualifies and has not visited in over one year.

Feel free to reply here to find out when you were last in!

** Receive ONE raffle entry for each class taken all week (max one entry per day/7 all week)!

** Receive ONE BONUS raffle entry for each new** guest brought to the studio this week!

Join us next week for special themed classes, a yoga hike, an evening sound bath yin yoga class, a holiday market, workshop style classes, hands on assisted classes, chair massages, food, drinks, community, love, rainbows, sparkles, and SO SO MUCH MORE!

We can’t wait to see and celebrate YOU!

Much love,

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11/09/2019 Yin Yoga and Sound Bath

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yin yoga sound bath

Yin Yoga and Sound Bath
with Stacy Fiano & DJ Mikaya

Yin Yoga uses long holds and stretches done on the floor to lengthen the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. It helps to increase circulation in the joints and improve joint flexibility. The simplicity of a yin practice allows us to return to our bodies in a calming way that allows us to gaze inward.

The use of ancient sound healing instruments like the gong and Tibetan singing bowls allows the body and mind to relax more deeply. The gong played in a series of crescendos is effective in breaking through energy blockages and stress in the parasympathetic nervous system. The soft sound of the singing bowls allow the mind to travel more deeply into stillness. The complementary effects of these two sound frequencies allows the natural flow of our energy to move more freely.

Saturday, November 9
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Cost is $30 per person / $50 per couple


hot yoga asheville front desk

Yoga Guidelines – Benches are for Butts

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Yoga Perfect?

10 Yoga Guidelines to Improve your Yoga Class

We’ve all had those days when everything and everyone just pushes our buttons. And when it comes to our yoga experience, we’ve all had those classes we wish everything and everyone would just be perfect. 👌  In that absolutely perfect yoga scenario, you probably have:

1. a ideal amount of space from your neighbor,

2. a perfectly sticky yoga mat to help you grip in down dog or triangle,

3. you get to be in the 3rd or 4th row with no obstruction of view,

4. the music has been magically catered to your every desire 🕺

5. the teacher uses the perfect combination or serenity and power in their voice so you can quietly move and meditate throughout your yoga session with ease, and

6. every pose is perfectly executed by your incredibly graceful pain free body. 💜

Well, let me stop you right there. 🚫 Actually I should’ve stopped you at the start. There is absolutely NO “perfect yoga scenario”! I repeat there is no such thing as a “perfect” yoga class.

Ask any long time practitioner and they will tell you the same thing. The external world cannot improve OR be detrimental to your internal practice. In other words, there is NOTHING that can steal your peace in yoga class.

Simple, right?🧘‍♀️ Don’t let anyone steal your peace. So easy… but

Ask that same long time practitioner and they will also tell you that there is a yoga etiquette that can streamline the process and make the internal space feel more at ease.

While we can’t control all the people and all of the things all of the time.. we can do our best to be mindful as we move through our world using compassion and awareness.

So here’s a list of simple guidelines that can help facilitate for you and others a more calm experience at Hot Yoga Asheville. 

1. Be on Time and Sign In. Please always be on time and sign in for class. This can help free up the desk staff and teachers to do more pressing things, like greet new people, answer your questions,  mop up and air out the room between classes. If we are held back looking around and trying to account for the missing sign ups we cannot serve the community as effectively. And you guys are our number one priority!

2. Use cubbies. “Benches are for butts not bags.” If we can free up the benches in the changing rooms for sitting, this allows students who need extra rest after class to get the moment they need while getting ready. Use cubbies for your belongings and take shoes off before entering changing areas and yoga rooms.

3. Mats and Towels. We require yoga mats and towels for all practitioners. This allows for safety and cleanliness of our communal space. Much like most indoor activities proper equipment can facilitate a better experience. Go rock climbing you need proper shoes and harness. Bowling? You’ll need those cool kicks and socks. Swimming.. you gotta wear a swim suit. 🙂 For Yoga 🤸‍♀️: Mat ✔️ Towel ✔️ Water ✔️ Yoga clothes ✔️

4. Plastic/metal only. Please refrain from using glass bottles. There have been too many accidents over the years with broken stepped on bottles that we must enforce this more regularly. What’s worse is that most of the time it’s the person who brought the glass that’s the one who gets injured. Ack. Save those toes!

5. When setting up in the yoga room…

  • Mountain Room: three rows for classes under 30 students. When more than this 4 rows is magic.
  • Bamboo Room: 2 rows for small classes, 3 rows for 20+ students. Help folks get in a spot with mirror if they’d like.
  • Do the shuffle… Help each other out!

6. Silence is golden. Right? Well… not always. We love community. We love meeting up with friends. And what better place than yoga? So before class we are ok with some quiet chatting… but please respect some quiet after class during savasana. Some folks like to mellow out and unwind after a session.

7. Wipe up your puddles. If any liquid other than sweat is leaving your body… please attend to that during class. But all the lovely purging of sweat you’ve left behind afterward… please bring an extra towel to wipe it up after class too.

8. Hydrate. Drink water before class for more endurance. Add electrolytes to water for effective hydration. Fill up with Kangen Water  in our lobby. Avoid eating 2-3 hours before class to maximize blood flow.

9. Say hello to new folks. We all remember our first yoga class though I’m sure many of us would like to forget it. Even after 18 years of practice, I totally get the jitters when walking into a new yoga studio for the first time. Help us show the newbies how awesome our community is! Say hello and help them feel at ease!

10. ENJOY! Let go and trust. Remember this is a community practice and a very safe place for you to elevate yourself to your highest state. Let’s work together and support each other in remaining positive and uplifted!

Much Love and Gratitude Yogis! See you in the room!

For more yoga tips click here. 

Adi ✌️🙏

2/8/20 Handstand Bootcamp with Kyle Weiger

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handstand bootcamp

Handstand Bootcamp with Kyle Weiger
Saturday, February 8 and Sunday, February 9 | 12 – 3pm both days
$175 tuition | $125 before 1/25/2020

Bootcamp Day 1 – 02/08: Foundations – The first day of bootcamp is focused on setting up your Handstand line and getting you into a confident stacked position, with and without the wall. We’ll be exploring a number of gymnastics-based drills for creating and maintaining your hollow-body shape across various planes of movement. This session is all about training your brain/body connection to recognize your line.

Bootcamp Day 2 – 02/09: Progressions – The second day of bootcamp introduces techniques for longer holds, dynamic Handstanding, and different leg positions. Handstand comes in so many shapes and sizes, so you’ll be exploring the different aspects of the position! Much like every other pose, every student wears Handstand a little different, so this session will give you tons of tools to find your strongest variation!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $125 if you sign up before 01/25/20!
Sign me up!

10/26/19 Spooktacular Halloween Kids Yoga

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halloween kids yoga

wand making halloween
Join us if you dare on Saturday, October 26 from 10-11:15am with Miss Ruth for a super spooky Halloween themed Kids Yoga class!
Stick around afterwards from 12 – 2pm for a special Harry Potter Wand Making class with 9-year-old Tahvia!

Tricks & treats provided!
Costumes encouraged!

Don’t miss out – sign up today for Kids Yoga & for Wand Making!
$10 per child for Kids Yoga & $10 per child for Wand Making (only $7 if attending Kids Yoga)

10/25/19 Dare to Close Your Eyes: Blindfold Yoga Class with DJ

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blindfold yoga

Dare to Close Your Eyes: Blindfold Yoga Class with Stacy Fiano & DJ Mikaya
Friday, October 25 | 6:30 – 8pm | $25 per person

Looking to mix things up a bit? Shake up your practice?
Allow Stacy Fiano to take you on an inner journey of the senses while DJ Mikaya spins the yogic tunes to get you in the mood for inner transformation.

When using a blindfold, external and visual stimuli is removed. This gives you no choice but to turn your attention inward. It takes self consciousness out of your practice and heightens all of your senses. This is beneficial for those looking to go on an inner journey. As you’re taken out of your comfort zone, your inner dialogue will become more profound.

Mikaya Swabb, founder and resident DJ of Dance Church Maui from 2011-2019, has an advanced understanding of dj set arrangement for conscious dance events, yoga classes and ceremonies. He uses a spectrum of musical genres to deepen somatic embodiment through movement, breath and presence. Mikaya’s mixes inspire the full expression of meditation through movement in ways that widen the scope of one’s self-awareness.

Sign up today!!

10/19/19 Chaturanga Workshop

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chatarunga workshop hot yoga asheville

Chaturanga Workshop with Heather Parks
Saturday, October 19 | 11:30 – 12:30 | $15 per person

Chaturanga! Join Heather Parks for this one hour workshop focusing on this foundational pose. Chaturanga teaches you how to find your center and activate your whole body!

Come learn how to properly get in and out of this pose! We will go through a serious of strengthening drills and use props to help guide us.

Sign up today!

10/12/19 Anatomy of Movement

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anatomy of movement


Anatomy of Movement
with Lillah Schwartz
Saturday, October 12 | 11:30am – 6pm

Explore how anatomy and physiology and form the magic of movement that creates stability and ease in your yoga practice.

Learn new facts about fascia
Discover safe backbends to build bone density
Deepen your understanding of how Yoga works.

Bring food for an eat in lunch snack.
Cost:$120 per person