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10/25/19 Dare to Close Your Eyes: Blindfold Yoga Class with DJ

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blindfold yoga

Dare to Close Your Eyes: Blindfold Yoga Class with Stacy Fiano & DJ Mikaya
Friday, October 25 | 6:30 – 8pm | $25 per person

Looking to mix things up a bit? Shake up your practice?
Allow Stacy Fiano to take you on an inner journey of the senses while DJ Mikaya spins the yogic tunes to get you in the mood for inner transformation.

When using a blindfold, external and visual stimuli is removed. This gives you no choice but to turn your attention inward. It takes self consciousness out of your practice and heightens all of your senses. This is beneficial for those looking to go on an inner journey. As you’re taken out of your comfort zone, your inner dialogue will become more profound.

Mikaya Swabb, founder and resident DJ of Dance Church Maui from 2011-2019, has an advanced understanding of dj set arrangement for conscious dance events, yoga classes and ceremonies. He uses a spectrum of musical genres to deepen somatic embodiment through movement, breath and presence. Mikaya’s mixes inspire the full expression of meditation through movement in ways that widen the scope of one’s self-awareness.

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