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sunset blue ridge mountains
We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!- Tucked away in the mountains with amazing weather, mountains, rivers and lakes! Asheville is also the home to some incredible yoga studios, teachers and students. The best thing about Asheville is that while we enjoy playing hard- cycling, hiking, enjoying the breweries- there are plenty of opportunities to find balance through a hot yoga practice. With us at Hot Yoga Asheville we pride ourselves on providing a safe place to detox, heal and relieve stress. Our hot yoga room is equipped with far infrared heaters and fresh air exchange to allow for the most clean and effective way to safely cleanse and improve your body.

Unlike other hot yoga classes in Asheville, our yoga studio specializes in hot yoga, thus we built our hot yoga room specifically to provide the best in hot yoga therapy. Far infrared heat is an optimal heat source as it allows for deep penetration, speeding up recovery from injury while increasing relaxation and cell regeneration.  We also have a wonderful fresh air exchange system (ERV) to ensure proper oxygen levels in the room. In addition, we provide Kangen Alkaline Ionized water to replenish those vital electrolytes lost during a workout. You can truly hydrate your body to compliment the detox process. More Oxygen-More Health!

One thing we hear a lot from our students is how much they enjoy outdoor activities, especially in the fall! Watching the leaves change from green to fiery red and orange is eye candy to say the least. They enjoy mountain biking, hiking, climbing and more. But what we also have found is that these activities, while extremely fun and fulfilling can create stiffness, soreness and even injury.

We want you to enjoy the outdoors and all these great activities. Even more so, we want you to enjoy these for the long term. So we work hard to provide the best hot yoga in Asheville where you can feel reinvigorated and limber again. Using this Hot Yoga as a tool to strengthen your core muscles will help minimize risk of injury in all your activities and increase your enjoyment of them as well. So get outside, enjoy Asheville, and then hop into a hot yoga class with us to top it off and feel great!