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Handstands are BACK!

By August 12, 2021June 21st, 2022No Comments

Can’t seem to hold your handstand away from the wall?

Having a hard time staying aware when you’re upside down?

Maybe you’re training handstands really hard but aren’t making the progress you would like?

“I hear you! Handstands can be super hard, especially if you are training without a coach. That’s where I come in. I pull from my long background as a competitive gymnast and well-rounded mover to teach the strength, balance, technique, and alignment required to handstand like a pro. I crafted this workshop to accommodate a wide range of handstanders, regardless of past experience. In this workshop, I will walk you through tons of helpful position drills, flexibility exercises, and practice opportunities so you can leave feeling confident in your handstand practice.” — Brandon Romstadt

Gain strength, flexibility and confidence! 

September 25-26, 2021
December 4-5, 2021
March 12-13, 2022
June 18-19, 2022

Scheduled workshop times:
Saturday: 9a-12p and 1p-4p  9a-12p on
Sunday: 9a-12p

$175 for the weekend
Early birds save $20
Early bird deadline for first workshop is Sept 1

Meet Brandon

A gymnast by trade, Brandon brings strong elements of stretching, conditioning, and alignment into his handstand workshops. Brandon’s upbeat, energetic teaching style motivates his students to both push their growth edges and meet their bodies where they are. These workshops are perfect for all handstanders regardless of experience as Brandon is a master at offering his students variations to accommodate everyone from beginners to experts.
I watched the Olympics when I was 5 and that was it for me. The next week, my mom took me to my first gymnastics class which ended with me signing up as the newest member of their competitive team. I moved up the ranks quickly and developed a deep appreciation for the sport and the discipline, strength, and resilience I had gained as a result. I started coaching gymnastics at 13, a job that carried me through high school and college. I graduated from UNCA with a degree in Health and Wellness and a full time job in public health communications. When I am not working, I am teaching. I have been coaching handstands classes, intensives, and workshops throughout the region for years and have loved every second of it. My goal in each class is to spread joy and facilitate a space in which everyone feels comfortable and confident.

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