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July 2022

Yin & Pin: Creating Balance Through the Seasons

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Yin & Pin is a harmonious marriage between acupuncture, sound healing and restorative/Yin yoga, resulting in an all-in-one amazing experience.

Join us for this quarterly event with:
Lauren Grygo, Vinyasa Flow and Yin instructor and Reiki II practitioner
Lex Keklak, licensed acupuncturist and yoga instructor
Valerie Blohm, yoga instructor, Reiki Master and sound healer

Be sure to mark your calendars! Four opportunities await!
Stay Tuned for more on this series!!! It will be an experience like no other!

Autumn Equinox (9/22), workshop: 10/8/22
Winter solstice (12/21), workshop: 12/10/22
Spring Equinox (3/20/23) workshop: 3/11/2023
Summer solstice (6/21/2023) workshop: 6/10/23

The Booth Fairy Project: Spread Good Vibes

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Local professional do-gooder, Asheville’s mascot Elle Erickson, who leads The Booth Fairy Project, is launching a big drive to boost the morale of our city by organizing to fund two prominent billboards and one mural to spread positive, uplifting messages.

These phrases include:

“You’re on the right path”
“Take a deep breath”
“This is a positive sign”

These will help us come together and feel uplifted. They will generate smiles and lower the road rage. The previous one reading “Take a deep breath” was a huge success, it helped so many people!!!  Let’s do it again…with even more power and positivity! Asheville needs this!

Please join us in taking our local advertising back and being a part of this exciting plan to help our community. We need to come together and give each other this boost! 71,000 cars drive down 240 in Asheville daily, that’s 25.9 million cars a year that will get positively affected!

100% of the funds raised go towards the uplifting billboards.

Go to The Booth Fairy’s Go Fund Me page to contribute!


Intro to Arm Balancing: Next Free Member Workshop

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Intro to Arm Balancing with Lauren Grygo

This 90-minute clinic is exactly what you need to finally NAIL that arm balance you have been working for! And it’s free for Ultimate members!

WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 27 2:30-4 pm

Lauren is an experienced yoga instructor with more than 8 years of teaching Vinyasa Flow and restorative/Yin yoga. She is
passionate about creating a space where everyone can feel safe to explore and push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

Within this clinic, we will explore accessible arm balances with the assistance of props to ease the body and eliminate fear.
Participants should expect to work on challenging yet accessible arm balances such as: Chaturanga, Crow, eight-angle pose and many more.

Arm balancing can be incredibly empowering but the best part of these postures is the fun you get to create on the journey to learning them!We look forward to seeing you there!

This workshop will be available to non-members for a $40 fee if space is available.

The Power of Feminine Energy: A Workshop

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One of the deeply rewarding aspects of yoga is that it is a practice. There is no score. There is no “winning.” The teacher is guiding and leading but not judging or finding fault. Part of the instruction is to listen to your own body, to pull back from judging yourself.

This is the feminine energy of yoga.

No, it is far from just a practice for women (traditionally, it was a male-dominated pursuit in India), and ideally, yoga combines masculine and female energy into a harmonic union. But while so much of our society dismisses feminine energy as weak and unworthy, yoga honors it: finding strength in collaboration, turning inward, trading competition and judgment for self-compassion and love. And it gives us an opportunity to increase its power in society at large. The key is finding its voice.

Join instructor Lynn Zinser for this 90-minute workshop on using yoga and meditation to elevate feminine energy, to find the voice you can bring to the world.

Save the Date:
Sat. Sept. 17, 2:30-4p
Cost: $45

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Meet Joel: HYA’s Newest Flow Teacher

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Joel Davis was born and raised in Denver but recently decided to plant roots in Asheville and has joined the teaching team at HYA. He will be teaching all the Flow styles, as well as meditation classes.

Yoga came into Joel’s life at a young age and it quickly became a perfect supplement to his athletic training as a lacrosse player. Although it was the physical practice of yoga that drew Joel in, it was the mental and more subtle aspects of the practice that made Joel fallin love with yoga for  . While Joel is still passionate about the physical movement, he has discovered that the real magic of yoga lies within the mind and most importantly within the heart.

He has attended teacher trainings in Thailand, Peru & Bali and has taught yoga at various places all over the world. He has a warm inviting smile and personality, and he creates a safe space that allows students to feel comfortable and to truly be themselves. You can expect his classes and teaching style to be challenging, fun, creative, intentional, meditative, and sometimes include a little live music!