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Meet Joel: HYA’s Newest Flow Teacher

By July 19, 2022September 7th, 2022No Comments

Joel Davis was born and raised in Denver but recently decided to plant roots in Asheville and has joined the teaching team at HYA. He will be teaching all the Flow styles, as well as meditation classes.

Yoga came into Joel’s life at a young age and it quickly became a perfect supplement to his athletic training as a lacrosse player. Although it was the physical practice of yoga that drew Joel in, it was the mental and more subtle aspects of the practice that made Joel fallin love with yoga for  . While Joel is still passionate about the physical movement, he has discovered that the real magic of yoga lies within the mind and most importantly within the heart.

He has attended teacher trainings in Thailand, Peru & Bali and has taught yoga at various places all over the world. He has a warm inviting smile and personality, and he creates a safe space that allows students to feel comfortable and to truly be themselves. You can expect his classes and teaching style to be challenging, fun, creative, intentional, meditative, and sometimes include a little live music!