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The Sweat 16 Challenge

By January 31, 2024No Comments

“Our Anniversary for Diversity.”

The Intention: 

The month of March will be our 16th anniversary, so we wanted to do something fun that has the potential to build bridges between our practitioners, teachers and community at large. There is a deep need within our community for understanding why we offer the different styles we teach as well as the importance for members to diversify their practice. 

Our community is also ready for a challenge, one that will inspire them through amazing prizes and adventures on the mat. A challenge that will not only focus on the practitioner but also encourage their teachers to participate alongside them. 

The Challenge: 

Challenge begins: 3/1/24-3/31/24! Challenge cards will be available at the desk for pickup!

Take a total of 16 classes (4 classes of our 4 styles) 

  1. 26 (All, Expand, 75 or Sonic)
  2. Flow (Power & Align)
  3. Yin/Restore/Nidra
  4. Inferno or HIIT

Note: Flow & Restore will count for either a flow or restore class (yogi’s choice)

The Workshops & Experiences: 

  1. Booie Young – 26 for Any-Body (Saturday March 2)
  2. Joel Davis – Community Sangha  (Saturday March 9)
  3. Grey McShea – Inferno B.L.A.S.T. Off! (Saturday March 16)
  4. Diane Lancaster – The Equinox Nidra Experience (Saturday March 23)

Note: Workshops will be worth two (2) classes of that specific style

The Prize:

Completed challenge cards are member’s raffle ticket to win (Drawing will be held during our anniversary celebration event Friday April 5 – winner must be present ):

  1. Student Grand Prize = One year of Free Yoga + Goodie Bag 

Note: Completed challenge cards will be worth in-studio perks. There will also be Manduka giveaways everyday for enthusiastic members or teachers who rally the troops and walk the talk for diversity.