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Meet Our March Ambassador: Liana Hibbard

By February 29, 2024No Comments

Not only does our March Ambassador Liana Hibbard practice all the styles of yoga offered at HYA, she will frequently do classes back-to-back, particularly if a Core class is available. Liana fits her yoga practice into a busy life of work and family, but brings a unique spirit to all of it.

A native Californian with a deep love for the outdoors and being active, Liana came to Asheville (and yoga!) later in life, during COVID, with twin toddlers in tow.

“I remember my first couple of post-COVID, in-person studio classes feeling chaotic. Forget the hot room; my mind was a 5-alarm fire! While feeling out of sync with my mind and body was terrifying, the sense of love and community in the room made me realize that the only way back to myself was to get on that mat.

“I’m now entering my second year of consistent practice at HYA, and while life still has its challenges, I’ve never felt better and more equipped to handle what comes my way. I credit this practice, the HYA studio, its amazing teachers, and this outstanding community for helping me become the best version of myself on and off the mat.”

HYA: Why is it important for you to have diverse yoga practices?

Liana: By diversifying my practice across disciplines, I can integrate what each lineage offers to strengthen and deepen my practice overall. In addition to helping me advance my practice, I love how each practice – with its own approach to postures, alignment, sequencing, and breathwork – works together to improve my mental health and well-being. 

HYA: What styles do you incorporate into your practice & why?

Liana: While I consider Hot 26 my base practice, I’ve learned never to go a week without incorporating other yoga styles into my schedule. My weekly routine continuously varies and now includes Inferno Core, Yoga HIIT, Hot Power Flow, Hot Align Flow, and Flow & Restore. It’s incredible how each practice informs the other! Hot 26 has taught me patience and perseverance in postures, giving me the mental fortitude and endurance to hold asana in Flow classes. In contrast, the playfulness and spontaneity of Flow have taught me that even inside a more routine practice like Hot 26 there are always more ways to explore. Need to dial back the intensity and achieve flexibility in your body and spirit? Settle into deeper restorative postures in the Yin, Nidra, and Restore series. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Inferno Core and Yoga HIIT give me the foundational strength to practice safely and sustainably across all disciplines. 

HYA: What is your advice to students considering diversifying their practice?

Liana: Every style of yoga has its unique benefits! To maximize results, keep your routine dynamic by incorporating various yoga styles and strength-building courses. It can be intimidating at first – especially for those accustomed to or comfortable with a specific lineage – but you’ll find that combining a consistent practice with a diversity of practice will lead you to a more fulfilling and transformative yoga experience overall.