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Free Member Workshop: Inferno B.L.A.S.T Off

By February 15, 2024February 19th, 2024No Comments

Join instructor Grey McShea for one of our Free Ultimate Member Workshops for March: Inferno B.L.A.S.T Off! This workshop will count as two classes in the B.L.A.S.T category for the Challenge for Diversity!

When: Saturday, March 16

4:30-6:30 pm

Where: Mountain Room

Dive into an interactive HIIT master class with Grey! This workshop will help perfect your HIIT exercises for optimal muscle training to build your strength in your mat (and in life)! 

These exercises are central to both our Inferno and HIIT classes, which will now be known as Inferno BLAST and Yoga BLAST. And if you haven’t tried one, they really are a blast!

The psychological benefits to building strength in a physical workout may not be obvious at first. However, there is a strong connection between the ability to challenge our physical bodies without fear or self-judgment, especially when we want to give up. The strength we build on our mat translates to the strength & resilience we build in our lives. This workshop will help you build the self-coaching skills to elevate your HIIT/Inferno experience!

The Free Member Workshops this month are worth TWO classes in that category for the Challenge for Diversity!

PLEASE NOTE: Late cancel and no-show fees apply for Free Member Workshops. If you sign up and are unable to attend, please remove yourself from the class.