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Confused About Class Styles? Here’s Your Guide

By February 29, 2024No Comments

Hot Power Flow

Activation. Invigoration. Strength. Energy!


Then Hot Power Flow is the class for you! You will leave feeling empowered and accomplished – ready to take on anything life throws at you.

This Vinyasa yoga practice mindfully links breath with movement. Each experience is fueled by modern music, paired with dynamic sequences. This includes a centering warm up, a crescendo of challenging postures/creative transitions, followed by a relaxing cool down, and final rest. 

Both yoga rooms at Hot Yoga Asheville are heated with state-of-the-art far infrared technology, which helps create a detoxifying sweat that stimulates blood circulation and increases mobility. Hot Power Flow classes are heated to 100-105 °F. 

Beginner and advanced practitioners will be challenged equally. Some yoga experience is recommended as the class is fast-paced, however new students jump right in daily. As with anything new, just commit to coming regularly and you’ll get the hang of it in just a couple of sessions.

Hot Align Flow

Are you ready to amp up your yoga practice? 

Hot Align Flow is perfect for all levels. You’ll focus on foundational poses, proper alignment, muscle engagement, and mindful breath. 

Build sustainable strength and control in your body so you can feel better in all your activities. Create length and core strength using key yoga principles in this fully heated flow class (100-105 °F). 

Expect to move slower than our power flow sessions. Lean into longer holds, enhance your endurance, stabilize your balance, and learn to use your own body weight to create stamina and power. 

You’ll leave feeling stronger longer and overall inspired!

Flow & Restore

A little bit of this… A little bit of that…

This hybrid class gives you the best of both worlds! Start off with a fully heated power vinyasa flow, followed by some Yin and restorative postures. Perfectly harmonious and fulfilling!

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners will be challenged equally. Learn to discover balance in your practice at any stage. 

Energize and ground at the same time. Build heat and create more space to target fascia and connective tissue. Watch your mobility and flexibility increase in no time. 

Hot 26 for All

This class is intended for all levels. Come as you are and witness progress every time you step on the mat. 

Hot 26 is meditative and strong. It’s an incredible practice for relieving stress, creating alignment, and healing injuries. We will work on flushing and working on every part of your body—inside and out.

Every class consists of 26 therapeutic postures and 2 breathing exercises. Each pose meets you where you’re at. Start with fundamentals and one day you’ll find yourself inching towards the fullest expression of the posture. 

The room is heated between 102-105 °F. This allows your muscles to relax and expand more easily as you stretch. 

The teacher will instruct the class with CLEAR step-by-step instructions and the 90-minute class has no music (some versions of this class do have music, and it is marked on the schedule). This allows each student to progress in a posture when they are ready.

Consistent practice will allow you to feel better and stronger not only physically, but mentally too. Come see for yourself! 

Expand 26

Are you ready to shake up your yoga practice and experience something totally liberating?

Look no further! Expand 26 is the ultimate fusion of various yoga poses from different lineages, all designed to create a well-balanced, playful and FUN experience!

Created by the incredibly talented Adi Westerman, owner of HYA, this class is perfect for anyone looking to uplift their yoga practice while maintaining proper alignment and structure. Expand 26 will help you break free and discover new levels of independence in your practice.

This 90-minute series is a dynamic mix of Hot 26 poses plus an array of vinyasa postures, so you can tailor your practice to your individual needs – whether you’re up for an easier or more intermediate level.

You’ll get to groove to awesome music while practicing alongside your instructor, who provides expert instruction and demonstrations. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a first-timer, Expand 26 is open to all levels.

Don’t miss out on the chance to take your yoga practice to the next level.

Inferno B.L.A.S.T.

PARTY TIME! Get stronger, increase range of motion, get some good cardio in during Inferno Core.

This style is designed to strengthen muscles, burn fat, and increase cardiovascular health. It is an intense, full body workout AND a work(in). Prepare to be inspired, motivated, energized and proud of your efforts by the end of your 60-minute experience. 

This class combines Yoga and Pilates principles with low impact/high intensity interval training, while performed in a room heated to 95 °F.

Inferno is the perfect compliment to our other yoga classes. Grab a friend and come have a blast!

Yoga HIIT B.L.A.S.T.

The perfect marriage between yoga, cardio, and strength!

This 60-minute class will deliver it all. It includes 30 minutes of Yoga HIIT, a high-intensity strengthening workout, and 30 minutes of Power Flow. The combo workout will rev you up and stretch you out.

Beginner and Advanced practitioners will be challenged equally. Some yoga experience is recommended as the class is fast-paced. As with anything new, just commit to coming regularly and you’ll get the hang of it in just a couple sessions.

Yin & Restore

Need some peace and tranquility, a chance to dial into your own body and relax? Yin & Restore is the class for you.

The practice of Yin yoga incorporates longer holds, deeper breathing and the conscious invitation to melt the body. A perfect compliment to fast-paced classes and modern living, our Yin Yoga classes will soothe the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and tap into your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to rest and deeply restore.

Yoga Nidra + Yin

Step into a realm of complete relaxation and inner peace with Yoga Nidra, combined with the deep stretching of Yin.

Longer holds will allow the fascia and connective tissue of the body to melt and soften, creating more space and freedom in your body and life.

This practice will leave you rested and restored! Come discover the healing powers within your own body as you leave the outside world behind! The class will begin with 15-20 minutes of gentle Yin yoga. Then you will be guided into a deeply meditative state as you rest in Savasana.

Come in dry comfortable clothes and bring any props to help you get comfortable: perhaps a small pillow, a bolster, and a blanket.

Prepare to be enveloped in bliss!