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Yoga. Ethical? Sadly, no.

In every facet of our culture, an important conversation is going on. Power. Specifically the imbalance of power.  And while we want to believe yoga lives outside the bounds of…
Adi Westerman
November 19, 2019

10/19/19 Chaturanga Workshop

Chaturanga Workshop with Heather Parks Saturday, October 19 | 11:30 - 12:30 | $15 per person Chaturanga! Join Heather Parks for this one hour workshop focusing on this foundational pose.…
Adi Westerman
October 7, 2019

10/12/19 Anatomy of Movement

  Anatomy of Movement with Lillah Schwartz Saturday, October 12 | 11:30am - 6pm Explore how anatomy and physiology and form the magic of movement that creates stability and ease in…
Adi Westerman
October 5, 2019