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Meet Our May Student Ambassador: David Turner

By April 29, 2023No Comments

David Turner has been an Asheville local since 1997 and a consistent HYA student for several
years now. You will find him predominantly in Flow classes and if you have ever practiced near him, you will notice his strong work ethic and self awareness, making each flow work for him.

He’s also an avid music lover, a big fan of soccer and an occasional character depending on
the situation.  A serial entrepreneur, David runs a Nationwide Notary Staffing Service,
invented the Helmet Halo,  co-founded the Beer City Cup (the nation’s largest adult soccer tournament) and is currently working on a new card game.

Soccer fans: David would like to personally invite you to check out the Beer City Cup over Labor Day weekend at JBL Soccer Complex… just down the road from HYA!! IG: @beercitycup 
David credits his yoga practice with helping prevent reoccurring back pain he experienced
in 2014-15 and for keeping him sane in this crazy world we’re lucky to inhabit!
HYA: When did you first start practicing?
DAVID: My first hot yoga class was in 2016 (I had to ask the front desk when I started
and was surprised to find out it’s been 7 years).
At that time in my life, I desperately needed some sort of workout / stretching /
strengthening / core improvement routine to help prevent my intermittent back pain from
I started with a 10-class pack.  After a handful of Hot 26 classes, I realized that did not suit me and needed to check out other styles before giving up on yoga. The friendly and helpful folks at the front desk suggested Slow and Power Flow; 700 classes later, I pretty much float between those two styles.
HYA: What is your favorite style?
DAVID: Slow and Power Flow. However, I’ve enjoyed exploring all styles offered at HYA
and am now a fan of Flow and Restore (hot and warm), Yin and Restore and Inferno
Core (which usually kicks my ass). My goal is to get to 4-5 classes a week with one or
two of them being a Restore class.
HYA: What is your advice to a new student?
DAVID: Try at least three different types of classes.

If you are new to yoga, go at least 10 times before making up your mind if you like it or
not. I’ve tried (non-heated) yoga multiple times in the last 20 years or so, but couldn’t
‘get into it’ and gave up. I almost gave up on HYA, but was fortunately introduced
to Flow.
It will take some time to get into ‘yoga’ shape. Classes (and, yoga in general) are
designed to help strengthen muscles we don’t usually use in the positions you’ll be in.
It’ll be hard. Holding up your own body weight is a lot of work. Just learning how to match your breath with your movement is a huge undertaking.
All classes will be challenging; physically and / or mentally. In Flow classes, enjoy the
first five to 10 minutes since it may seem like you’re not doing much or it’s easy. It is,
but it’s designed to warm up your body for what’s coming in the next 30-40 minutes.
Don’t push yourself. Modify or skip poses whenever. It’s a practice, not a performance,
so push your body, but not to the point of breaking it or hurting yourself.
The teachers are all super cool, nice, helpful and friendly as is the staff!
HYA: What makes you love HYA? 
DAVID: Initially, I needed yoga to help my physical body. Now, I go because of mental,
emotional and spiritual benefits that have come into my life as a result of maintaining a
consistent practice.
I’ve enjoyed meeting fellow yogis, developing friendships with them and look forward to
seeing them at the studio. I’ve also been lucky enough to turn some prior acquaintances into new friends since we now see each other more often and have a second thing in common.