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HYA Joins New Non-Profit: House of Yoga

By March 5, 2023No Comments

House of Yoga has partnered with Love Shine Play & Hot Yoga Asheville to create an experience in the Asheville community to make ancient and profound practices accessible to anyone who is seeking wellbeing, peace and joy.

The House of Yoga Experience will be led by Joe Rocco Falco, professor of the Vedic arts & sciences, Director of Teacher Training at Hot Yoga Asheville, and Love Shine Play Presenter. 

What is House of Yoga?
House of Yoga is a newly launched non profit with a mission to improve the lives of individuals mind, body, and spirit through the teachings of Yoga and Meditation.

House of Yoga’s vision is to create yoga experiences in sacred spaces that extend beyond the physical practice of yoga.

We live in challenging times and know that people are dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, and their struggle to escape the mundane aspects of life.

Even so… we believe that anyone can access a place of refuge and healing through deeper knowledge of yoga’s ancient wisdom through spiritual discourse, healing asana, uplifting live music, meditating and socializing in a community of like-minded people. 

House of Yoga, HOY, is raising funds with events like this one to bring Yoga and Meditation to communities where it can do the most good and have the greatest impact and with a goal of opening a Meditation Center in the Asheville area!

What is the House of Yoga Experience?
House of Yoga, led by Joe Rocco Falco, is a one-day Yoga Festival which brings satsang (spiritual discussion), Yoga asana (in an accessible slow flow Vinyasa style), meditation and mantra together with live music to create a one-of-a-kind spiritual experience.

This event will also include a community gathering with vendors and brought to you in partnership with Asheville’s Yoga festival, Love Shine Play, and Hot Yoga Asheville.