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The Power of Belonging

By April 27, 2023No Comments

By Ross Randall

Chances are you remember your very first visit to Hot Yoga Asheville. Perhaps you were encouraged to come or were invited by a friend, or maybe you just bravely showed up one day. Whether you’ve been attending classes since the studio opened 16 years ago, or just started within the last few weeks, you are part of a dynamic and diverse community of yogis. Your energy, and that of other students, creates the power of belonging

As a welcoming and inclusive studio, Hot Yoga Asheville strives to be a place where all people feel recognized, supported, and empowered. The hot room includes people of all races, genders, orientations, backgrounds, physical challenges, and ages. Thank you for sharing and celebrating this diversity. 

We Recognize Each Yoga Journey is Personal 

Our group of talented teachers are tasked with the important responsibility of creating a nurturing environment for all our students. You should always feel encouraged and challenged as part of your practice, but at the same time be empowered to practice self-care and patiently do what is best for you. We want every student at HYA to celebrate their authentic self.

No one practicing at HYA should feel that they must pre-qualify in order to participateIt doesn’t matter if you are a regular, brand new, or have taken considerable time off. Everyone is worthy. Your class should be a place for opportunities, not limits. 

The gradual progression of yoga variations gradually provides growth in your physical and mental practice. Our strength and flexibility evolve as we spend time in the hot room. Starting with the most simple postures and working from there makes logical sense. (Leave your ego at the door!) As your teachers help you advance, feel free to add more challenges to your class.

You Inspire Others

We encourage all our students to experience all the different teachers and disciplines offered at HYA. It is this variety that makes the studio special. Remember everyone is welcome in any class – which includes Hot Power Flow, Slow Flow, Hot 26, Expand 26, Inferno Core, Yin & Restore, and Yoga Nidra. You will soon discover the many benefits of incorporating variety into your regular practice. 

You may have noticed that there are often teachers taking classes right alongside you. They are students, too! Their commitment to their personal practices keeps them grounded, relevant, and empathetic. And they are inspired each time they see you in a class with them.

Many of our teachers started as students at HYA – and others have been teaching and practicing at the studio for well over a decade. Add to the mix other seasoned veterans from around the country, and you have a dynamic faculty working for you. Not only do they know the asanas, but they possess key insights about the benefits and challenges of a yoga practice. 

Make a Connection

We encourage you to engage with your teachers before and after class. Personal interactions  provide an opportunity to privately share particular challenges or issues you might be facing. Equally important is a chance to make a deeper connection with someone who cares about you. Teachers want to help, it’s why they teach.  Feel free to ask questions, offer feedback,or simply thank them (we all love acknowledgement!) for class.

Do you remember the other student(s) who made you feel especially welcome when you first arrived on the scene? Pass it on: Spread the love and help our students learn the ropes. They will enjoy meeting you and be thankful for your insight. Do not hesitate to strike up a conversation with students once you’ve completed class and left the room. We are a friendly bunch. Yoga friends are good friends.

Thank you!

As we celebrate the 16th Anniversary of  Hot Yoga Asheville, please know you are an important part of our wonderful, diverse community. We are in awe of your devotion, dedication, and determination you bring to your mat. From the amazing energy you help create during class, we all feel the power of belonging. 

— Ross