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New Classes this Week!

By September 4, 2019June 21st, 2022No Comments

meditation asheville breath mantra chanting

Join Adi for weekly “Pop Up” Sādhanā practice from 8-9am. 

Sādhanā is a wonderful way to connect to your inner self and is the perfect practice for those looking to begin or continue a meditation practice. We will meet once a week on various days depending on Adi’s availability. You will learn techniques to continue at home. You are encouraged to continue your homework throughout the week. Often life is full and we cannot do a full hour so even 10 minutes is fabulous for your homework. Our weekly meetup will be an hour and you must be on time so we can create a sacred space.

This practice will include mantra/chanting out loud as well as silently, various breat hwork techniques, kriya exercises and seated meditation. Each week will vary slightly. These classes are complimentary. You may use our bolsters or blankets (or bring your own meditation cushion if you have one.) You will also want a yoga mat for an occasional savasana as needed to incorporate the work we do.

Our first meet up will be Friday September 6th 8-9am. Hope to see you there! 


A twist on our Hot 26 Plus Classes – This class will be structured similar to our Hot 26+ classes with a variation of poses in second set but unlike the Hot 26+ classes, this class will be led without music (to allow for more explanation and meditation) and often only one option in second set. This will create more time to break down the poses for a mini workshop moment when needed.

Each week will focus on a different movement type:
Friday Sept 6th- Balances (Legs and Arms)
Friday Sept 13th- Twists
Friday Sept 20th- Spinal Mobility (Forward Backward)
Friday Sept 27th- Binds and Locks
Friday Oct 4th- Big Joint Stretches

warm burn vinyasa slow flow

This is the perfect class you’ve been waiting for! Create an internal burn with longer holds than our Hot Power Flow classes. The room will heated just a few degrees milder to a delicious 90-95 °F so you can warm up from the inside out and cultivate endurance and strength with a focus on foundation, structure and alignment of each posture.

Slow burn classes are led skillfully by our epic teachers, and many poses will be held to a 5 count with alignment cues given between each count.

Come prepared to sweat with the same intensity as all of our classes and leave all your worries behind!