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Grey McShea Returns to HYA Teaching Staff

By November 1, 2023No Comments

We are so happy to welcome Grey back to teach at HYA!

You may remember Grey, who taught for us in 2021 before moving — as it turns out, temporarily — to Washington D.C. He is an energetic teacher and enthusiastic student and we are so excited he will be teaching Yoga HIIT and Inferno starting in November!

Read Grey’s bio:

When you take Grey’s Class, you will connect to a community environment filled with high energy, challenging transitions, and breath to movement. Grey uses themes of self-pride and compassion to motivate his students as they practice, and likes to cheer on the entire room. He is known for his funky playlists, core drills, and his spiritual goofiness. Grey will make you feel right at home, and that you belong.

Grey first discovered yoga when he studied abroad in Santiago, Chile in 2013. He became awakened by how quickly his mind and body responded to yoga, feeling a sense of clarity and a dose of magic. He continued to practice and found the inspiration to become an instructor in 2018 in Boston. After his 200-hour Vinyasa training, Grey immediately started completing other training in Katonah Yoga, Children’s Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt. He places a keen eye on his students to structurally align them into postures, while giving reminders to engage muscle groups.

“My favorite part of practicing yoga in a group setting is that yoga is a non-competitive environment. There are no winners or losers – everyone simply ‘wins’ by showing up on their mat and doing their best! It’s a time to be non-verbal & inside our bodies,” Grey said. “As I’m breathing through postures I often tap into the pulse and rhythm of life, which helps me feel connected and inspired by the world around me.”