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Raphaela Fritz Returns to HYA

By August 22, 2023No Comments

We are thrilled to welcome Raphaela Fritz back to the teaching staff at HYA. Many of you will remember Raphaela, a ray of sunshine who teaches both Vinyasa Flow classes as well as Expand 26.

Read Raphaela’s bio below and join her for a class soon!

Prepare to be drawn into the vessel of your own embodiment. Rapheala’s classes combine
fluidity of movement, yogic alignment, focused breathwork and attention to subtle anatomy,
refilling your energy and awareness for whatever the world brings you.

Raphaela taught at HYA from 2016-2020 and is excited to return to contribute to the wonderful
lineup of amazing teachers. Certified in both Bikram & Anusara, she teaches from a culmination
of not only her training, but of her life experience, providing a blend of joy and technique in
class. She brings her unique flavor to Hot Power Flow, Slow Flow, Flow & Restore, Expand as well as Yoga HIIT and and is grateful to be a part of making lasting positive changes in student’s bodies,
minds & hearts.

“It has been over three decades since I first stepped onto the mat, and I cannot imagine life
without yoga,” Raphaela said. “I first taught yoga to at risk children in Tucson. I completed Hot Yoga training in 2001 and taught full time in Houston, and placed Top 10 in the first international yoga
competition. I continued to study yoga, biomechanics, human anatomy and received my
Massage License almost 20 years ago in Santa Fe. These teachings and experiences led me,
with my husband, to co-found Nectar Healing Arts in 2009 in Barnardsville, where I continue to
facilitate women’s yogic workshops and retreats.

“I’m joyous to return to HYA and share yoga together again! This practice continues to keep me
focused on becoming a more evolved version of myself as a mother of three, wife, teacher,
student, and woman in the world, as I know it can do for anyone.”