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New Series: Arm Balances & Inversions

By January 13, 2023February 8th, 2023No Comments

Get ready to join instructor Mae Weeks to learn how to fly!

Mae will lead this 6-week arm balance & inversion series starting February 19 as a platform for exploration. It will provide an opportunity to S L O W down and carefully break down advanced asanas in a digestible way.

It can be difficult to attempt to understand how to get into arm balances in vinyasa flows. This workshop series was designed to help you work towards your goals & make a plan to achieve them in an attainable way!

In order to deliver ample attention to students taking the workshop, a limited number of available spots will be offered. 🙂

So you can plan ahead, please note the following dates for each workshop. They will be held on Sunday afternoon, from 1:30-3:30 pm.

Week 1: 2/19/23
Week 2: 2/26/23
Week 3: 3/5/23
Week 4: 3/12/23
Week 5: 3/19/23
Week 6: 3/26/23

Each class will include:

A short warm up w/ poses targeting specific muscle groups required for these arm balances

Workshop poses – different each week!

A short cool down

Handouts are provided for EACH class. We will also email handouts upon request.

These handouts will break down the pose as well in a verbal format, provide a picture of the pose, & exercises to work on improving the muscles required for the pose (aka “homework” ).

 For those doing the entire series, a folder will be provided to keep all the handouts in.

Please bring your mat and block as these are limited for use at the studio! 

Series Pricing

You can SAVE by purchasing the entire series, or you can pay for individual sessions if you will not attend the entire series. Each session will build on the previous ones, but you will also be able to jump in. The final workshop (3/26), however, is reserved for those who have attended the entire series.

Series price is $200 ($40 savings over purchasing individually)

Individual sessions

Available for purchase after 2/12/23

$50 per session