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New Inferno Pop-Up: Saturday at 3

By November 2, 2022No Comments

We have great news for our dedicated Inferno Core students: A new class time on Saturday at 3 pm.

Woo hoo!

Have you not tried Inferno? Perhaps because the name scares you? Or it has not fit into your schedule? Well, then this is great news for you too. Because Inferno isn’t scary at all, it’s a fun, 60-minute class that is accessible to everyone of all experience levels. It’s also a fantastic way to build the core strength that will improve your yoga practice AND make you feel amazing!

The class is now offered on Tuesdays at 7 pm, Fridays at 10 am and now Saturdays at 3 pm. It’s a Pop-Up to see if that class time is popular enough to make it a permanent addition to the schedule. So come!


  • Inferno is not hotter than our yoga classes. In fact, it’s cooler (95-98 degrees or so) because the core work and cardio means you don’t need as much room heat. The Inferno in the class is YOU! Smokin’….
  • We have a great crew of Inferno teachers, all with their unique personality and style. Check out classes with Ross, Will, Tania, Lynn, Rachel and Britt
  • The music is fun, upbeat and loud (which means you can make noise too!)
  • The interval style we use in Inferno is scientifically shown to be the best strength building interval. Most exercises use the Tabata-style intervals: 8 sets, 20 second of work and 10 seconds of rest.
  • Modifications are available and encouraged! So come try a class and be confident you can start at your level. You will build strength fast!