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Meet Our November Student Ambassador: Tim Doyle

By October 30, 2022No Comments

Meet Tim Doyle, a regular at the studio since 2009! You will find Tim in the Hot 26 classes but also flow and also our meditation class. His smiling face and strong practice are an inspiration to teachers as well as his fellow students.

HYA: When did you begin practicing yoga?

Tim: My first introduction to yoga was in 2001 when I purchased a DVD and attempted to DIY it. My practice wasn’t regular, but I always enjoyed it. A more regular practice began in the summer of 2009 when I was introduced to Hot 26.

HYA: What is your favorite style of yoga?

Tim: Hot 26 is my favorite iteration of yoga. Though I have come to love HYA’s flow classes over the past couple of years.

HYA: What is your advice to a new student?

Tim: My advice to a new Hot 26 student….1. Breath. Everything beyond that is way less important. 2.Listen. Stay with the dialogue step by step. 3. Be in that day’s body.

HYA: What do you love most about HYA?

Tim: What I most love about HYA is the people. From the instructors who are caring and dedicated to guiding us through the practice, to my fellow yogis being present and open for all the 90 min gives.