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Meet Our February Student Ambassador: Walter Banner

By January 31, 2024No Comments

Our February student ambassador, Walter Banner, has been a fixture at HYA since 2019, initially sticking to Hot 26 classes but since having broadened his practice to include a lot of Flow classes as well. Since he began practicing, Walter has been an amazing example of the healing power of a consistent yoga practice, using the yoga to rebuild his body from a series of significant injuries as well as easing his mind and rejuvenating his spirit.

“In the past I always enjoyed being active by riding mountain bikes and when I was 20, I had my first shoulder rebuild from a horrible accident,” Walter said. “As a result, I lived in pain and had horrible posture.  I went on to have three more shoulder rebuilds after more bike accidents, and after the last one 4 years ago, I was told it would not be the same.”

“I knew the power and rehabilitative structure that the Bikram/Hot26 series can bring to one’s body.  I decided at that point that I was going to rebuild my body and mind based upon the discipline and routine that the series provides, from the tips of my fingers to toes.”   

Originally from Georgia, Walter has worked for the last 20 years selling Veterinary ultrasound machines, a job that involves a lot of travel.

“I put my life on a path of recovery from alcohol and drugs 6 years ago because I was dying–literally.  Hot Yoga Asheville has been an instrumental place for my soul to strengthen so I can grow as a man who loves and respects everyone.”

HYA: What is your advice to a new student?

Walter: Lats Not Traps


Take it Easy

HYA: What is your favorite style of yoga?

Walter: Favorite style is of course, do I even need to say it??!!?!?!??!?!

Bikram/Hot26 series or anything that is taught by Lynn Zinser

HYA: What makes you love HYA?

Walter: I love HYA so much because of the love and compassion I feel every single time I walk through the door.