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Meet Our December Student Ambassador: Nicole Corn

By November 30, 2022December 2nd, 2022No Comments

As one of our most dedicated students, Nicole Corn rolls out her mat in every style of yoga offered at HYA. Her strong practice and quiet determination make her a shining light in every class. She and her husband Andrew have become pillars of the HYA community over the past several years and we are so grateful for their amazing energy and presence!

HYA: When did you first start practicing?
Nicole: I seriously started practicing Hot 26 in June 2014 after having rotator cuff/bicep surgery on my left shoulder. Prior to my surgery, I had no use for yoga except every now and then and continued to beat up my body on a regular basis despite having a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon. As soon as I was cleared from PT to exercise, I went straight to the Bikram style yoga studio since that was the only exercise I could do, and I was still in a sling. I actually participated in a 30-day challenge later that year which turned into a 75-day challenge. From that point on and after the same surgery on my right shoulder, I have been hooked on any yoga because it has not only healed me physically, but mindfully and spiritually. Ask anyone in my inner circle or family and they will tell you, no matter where I am, even overseas, I try to maintain my yoga practice to function. In practicing yoga, I have the strength, faith, and peace to overcome any physical or other adversities that I face day to day!

HYA: What is your favorite style of yoga?

Nicole: I have no favorite style because the ones I have tried are all great because they demonstrate the numerous ways your mind and body can be challenged through yoga.

HYA: What is your advice to a new student?

Nicole: Have patience with your body and in order to progress, embrace the daily practice that may guide you beyond the postures.

 HYA: What makes you love HYA?

Nicole: Me and my husband, Andrew, feel so fortunate to have a studio like HYA that has very talented instructors, a friendly staff, and a place where we both can regularly be challenged to grow our daily practices. We started attending HYA several years ago when we would visit Asheville from time to time while living in the Lake Norman area and since moving here, other than the mountains and the great restaurants, HYA has made this move our best. Also, we try to practice yoga when we travel, but we are always excited to return home because HYA is the best hot studio!