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By October 13, 2017 October 17th, 2017 Blog

Here’s the thing… yoga only works if you show up! Sounds so simple, but really, truly. . . You have to show up. I don’t care what you do once you get here…lay in savasana or do every pose… just show up!

Having to worry about which pass to buy is too complicated and not really important. We are making it easier for you to focus on what is actually important-and that’s YOU and your practice.

Our new pricing will launch on November 1st.

Until then you still have to option to purchase any of our existing pricing plans.

New Optimized Pricing!


$109/month | *or $99/month when purchased before November 1st


  • 10% off retail (excluding drinks)
  • Free access to specialty workshops
  • 3 week long buddy passes
  • Freeze for up to 3 months at no charge (additional holds $20)

The Ultimate option to get the most out of your yoga! Best for yogis who come 7x per month or more.


$69/month | *or $59/month when purchased before November 1st
5x per month
Drop in price on additional classes
A great way to maintain your practice, body, and mind. Best for yogis who practice 4-5x per month


  • No Hassles
  • No Commitment
  • No Set Up Fees
  • Opt out anytime with only 30 days written notice

10 Pack

$150 (for 1 year)

*discounts on multiples. Save $50 per additional 10 Pack purchased in the same transaction.

Make packs shareable for only $20.


30 Days for $30

Includes a mat & towel on your 1st class.

*You are eligible for this plan if you have not been to class in over a year.


  • Teresa Delizza says:

    Hi Adi. I believe I signed in July for new year at $99 month. I would most certainly like to continue that for as long as possible. So if signing now will get me another yr after that at $99 then I’m all in. Thanks !

  • Becki Janes says:

    Hey I would love to take advantage of the 30 day pass for $30 with the possibility of extending past that:)

    I don’t know when I was last there or if I qualify. I think it has been over a year. please let me know so I can sign up today if I qualify, many thanks! Becki

  • Josh says:

    I love it!

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