Getting started at Hot Yoga Asheville is easy!

Whether you’re taking your first yoga class or it’s been a while since you’ve practiced with us, you can start your yoga practice again with these easy steps.
1. If you’re signing up for your first yoga class, buy the 30 DAYS FOR $30 INTRO PACKAGE for a limited time and then you can sign up for a class. You can also do this at the studio.
2. Go to class – Sweat. Smile. Be Amazed!
It helps to avoid meals for 2-3 hours before class and be well hydrated.
When you arrive for your first class, let the front desk know it’s your first time. We will show you around and get you set up.
Each class begins promptly on time. It’s like taking off on a flight together. The goal is to take off together and land together. Whatever you want to do in the air is all good. When class is in session and desk staff is not on shift, we lock the doors to the lobby at the start of class so try not to be late. We’d be bummed if we miss you.
Still a bit nervous? That’s totally normal. Doing anything new is bound to be a little bit scary at first. We see lots of brand new people every day. Our yoga studio is super friendly and we will walk you through everything you need to know when you arrive.
Still feeling like you want to know more? No problem! Check out our FAQ page and our  Yoga Etiquette page. There’s no wrong in yoga. You’re just gonna show up and try your best. We want you to take it easy at first, and be open to the possibilities this amazing practice has for you. You don’t need any experience and you don’t need to be flexible.
We also have a page dedicated to all the poses found in the Hot 26 class and their benefits. All the photos are of real members from our studio. You’ll probably see them in class. Check it out here. 
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