Chiropractor shares how Bikram hot yoga helps her

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“Hi! I’m Anya. I don’t think I am as funny as Suzan so don’t expect that. I just want to say thank you and thanks for your yoga studio. Because I don’t know if you all have been to other yoga studios, but I went to one in Chicago, I won’t name it and I used to live there and it was so smelly. I thought it was in a sock. It was so bad. And the facility here is clean and you know the floor is great, the heat is great and there is actually a room out in front and it is in a great location so I really appreciate the space. And I appreciate the teachers, are so nurturing. I have been to yoga classes in Asheville before. I am a yoga teacher too. I have taught Ashtanga and I have taught flow yoga and prenatal yoga and it is my time now to take a class, to be a student. I gave up the teaching.

I am a chiropractor so that’s what I mainly do and I got a frozen shoulder because I while I was leaving in Chicago I just have 50 people a day, 50. And it was really hard on me and my right shoulder just got completely frozen so I couldn’t do what I love to do. So I moved back here recently and started another practice, my fifth one over the last 12 years and I am really excited to have this here because it is completely healed. I have full range of motion of my right shoulder now and I never did for the last 2 years. So it has really helped me to just get you know, feel the best version of me. So I appreciate all of you.”

Bikram method gives her confidence and strength

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Laura, student of Hot Yoga Studio Asheville – Bikram Method, discusses how hot yoga has given her confidence and strength to sing in church.
“My name is Laura and I started yoga in asheville a couple of years ago, but I just finished my first 30-day challenge and I have taken some inches off my waste, which I have been trying for years to do that. I have tried 90 X. I have tried insanity, have been working after we have a few kids, sometimes it is a little harder. But the 30-day challenge at least gone down one jean size, but I just have to wear belts with my jeans because I would rather spend a few hundred dollars on my membership than on a new pair of jeans.

And also I will be sharing today that I always wanted to sing and I don’t sing very well, but I was in church today and I was just singing away because all those new muscles that I have discovered in my abdomen just kept, I was like, “Oh, yes! This is great” You know like I really could hold the notes out and it was wonderful. I was like, “Yeah, this is great”. Now, I won’t get up and sing in front of everybody at church, but sitting there in my seat I was like, “Yeah, I could sing” and I just give that to just the muscles and the new things that I learned and become and that’s why I am able to do that. So thank you. “

Bikram student shares how Hot yoga helped his shoulder injury

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” So I had two rotator cuff surgeries on my right shoulder a year apart. The first one didn’t work. And so I had to have it redone. And I had practiced other forms of yoga prior to my rotator cuff surgeries and I couldn’t practice the Vinyasa Ashtanga anymore because I couldn’t do the chaturangas and I couldn’t do the planks. So a friend of mine said, “You might want to try Bikram” because it is not, you know, you don’t have to worry about your shoulder as much.

So I came and I fell in love with it and that was right before the 30-day challenge a year ago. And one of the instructor said, “You might want to try the 30-day challenge because it is a great way to jumpstart your practice” it totally transformed my life and not just my body but I am calmer, I am nicer to my family. You know, I have got my sense of humor back and my shoulder is healed through this yoga so I am really grateful for this practice. “

Bikram Hot Yoga is a great compliment to CrossFit

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Liz student of Hot Yoga Asheville – Bikram Method discusses how the Bikram Method of hot yoga is a great compliment to crossfit:

My name is Liz. I started Bikram back in late September or early October and I did it because I had this chronic, really sharp pain in my back and my shoulder. I do crossfit as well. So I do this to compliment crossfit. And you know, I went and I had massages done that you know, cost $200 and it didn’t helped me at all. I didn’t get any relief. it is in health but you know, coming in here and working on it every day I don’t have that pain anymore. When I am lifting I can make sure that my body is in the right alignment and it can lift heavier. I love doing yoga classes here in Asheville, NC!

It has really helped me in that way and I also run half marathons. And the first half marathon that I ran, I was out for 2 months afterwards because I really messed up my knee and I ran one with my husband a month after starting this. A month after starting Bikram yoga and I didn’t have any pain after running that marathon and I could continue to keep working out and coming in here so it has been really helpful. I really enjoy coming here.