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Welcome, Beer City Cup Members!

We have some exclusive offers tailored just for you.

Greetings, Beer City Cup participants from Asheville, NC! We’re thrilled to have a partnership with you this year. Soccer is a beautiful game and just like any sport, it requires dedicated training, recovery, and wellness practices to maximize your performance. With that spirit, Hot Yoga Asheville (HYA) has some exclusive offers tailored just for you.

Free month of yoga!

The Soccer Star Special

Yep, you read that right! Dive into hot yoga vibes with zero cost for the first month. Why? Because we think you’ll not only benefit from it, you’ll love it!

Unleash your ultimate soccer potential with the Beer City Cup Exclusive Yoga Pass.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Just for Beer City Cup heroes like you.
  • No take-backsies on this offer (aka no refunds).
  • After your freebie month ends it automatically rolls into the usual month-to-month thing unless you say “bye” (aka cancel).

Hurry, this offer expires September 30th!

Free Stretch Sesh

Saturday, Sept 9th, 10:15-11:15am with Joel Davis

As a former athlete and lacrosse player, Joel understands the importance of supplementing your hard work with recovery. He teaches multiple styles at HYA and has curated the perfect class just for you!

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Free Month of Video Yoga

Not from Asheville? This is for you!

We’re taking yoga right to your screens! Dive into our on-demand platform which offers tutorials tailor-made for both beginners and pros and boasts a library of 300 classes you can vibe with anytime, anywhere.

More details

This a Sneak Peek Deal: First month is on us (Yep, FREE)! And then? Just $29/month – a steal from the usual $49/month. And if ever you need a break, just hit “pause” on us. Cancel anytime, no hard feelings.
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Why Hang with Hot Yoga Asheville?

Soccer + Yoga = Dream Team

Boost your mobility, muscle strength, and get that game-ready mind focus.

The Magic of Far Infrared Heat

Our studios are lit with far infrared heat—it’s like a warm hug for your muscles after a big game.

Our Fab Instructors

Our instructors aren’t just pros, they’re your next best pals. They’re here to guide, laugh, and maybe share a soccer story or two.

We’re a Local Fave

Humble brag alert: Asheville folks voted us the number one yoga teacher and top yoga studio for 15 years straight. That’s some serious love!

Why is hot yoga the secret sauce for your soccer?

  • Stretch Goals: Up your mobility game for those epic goal moments.
  • Muscle Power-Up: More than just kicks and runs, yoga’s got your back (and arms, and legs…).
  • Breathing Bonus: Boost that stamina. Essential for when the game’s heating up.
  • Mind Magic: Get that zen focus to be the MVP on the field.

Join the HYA fam and let’s turn up the heat together!

Whether you’re aiming to up your soccer mojo, chillax after a game, or just try something fun, HYA’s door is wide open. Dive in, explore, and let’s make some magic together on and off the pitch.

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