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May 2022

Meet the Newest Flow Teacher: Mae!

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HYA is happy to introduce Mae Weeks to our Flow teaching roster!

Mae has combined extensive yoga training with her education in exercise science and anatomy to bring HYA students the best of both worlds: a sound, challenging physical practice that also allows students to dive deep and find the power of now.

Mae completed her 200-hour certification through Tamal Dodge, where great emphasis was placed on correct alignment, breath awareness and yoga philosophy.  Her degrees in Exercise Science and Physician Assistant studies have led her to emphasize the importance of alignment.

“My exposure into the world of yoga has given me the opportunity to learn from wise and inspiring individuals,” Mae said. “Not only do I wish to share my experiences with my students, but I hope to inspire self reflection. I hope this will evolve into a new way of thinking or acting.”

Mae’s goal is to provide a challenging Flow rooted in traditional Yoga and the principles behind Bhakti Yoga. Her classes are challenging both physically and mentally. But no worries, she has some pretty awesome playlists which will make the time fly. She can’t wait to see you on your mat!

Breathe Well: A New Class

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Breathe Well Class

Sundays 11:30-12:30pm at HYA (biweekly)

New to the SCHEDULE!!!

This 60-min (non-heated) class will take you on a journey deep within yourself. Collectively, we’ll practice Ancient Tibetan Breathing Exercises with Spiritual Affirmations.

Instructor Rachel Kaplan will demonstrate the proper techniques to perform these exercises and students will practice them together. This class is open to all, beginners to advanced practitioners of breathwork.

This ancient practice from the wisdom of Tibentan monks, is intended to strengthen your connection to Self, retrain your mind to think positive thoughts, strengthen willpower, gain numerous health benefits like strengthening the muscles we use to breathe, our lung capacity, and detox our body from daily toxins, not just from the food or drinks we ingest but also the toxins in the air, and even the toxic thoughts we tell ourselves.

It’s recommended to wear loose clothing or clothing you don’t mind sweating in and a water bottle. A journal may also be helpful as reflecting on your experience will help in the mental expansion and expression of Self.