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Yin + Pin Returns!

By February 27, 2023March 9th, 2023No Comments

Yin + Pin is the harmonious marriage of Yin yoga and acupuncture, both of which work on the energetic channels of the body.

This workshop strives to improve the flow of energy in these channels while creating space in your body at the same time.

When: Sat. March 11, 2023
2-4 pm

Where: Sun Room 

Spring is around the corner!  Our third installment of Yin + Pin will be held as we transition from the dark of winter to the emerging light of spring.

This is such a perfect time for Yin and Pin. We plan these classes for the seasonal transitions because, while these can be exciting times of change, it can also be hard to adjust to the shifts.

In Chinese Medicine, the spring is associated with the wood element. This is a time of new life, new beginnings, and making plans for the coming year as we emerge from the darkness of winter.

The energy of spring can be a bit volatile, so this class and treatment will help smooth the flow of energy and restore balance to our emotions.

What to expect:
Instructor Lauren Porter will lead a restorative Yin practice, helping us shed our winter skin, participants will be treated to a carefully curated acupuncture treatment by Licensed Acupuncturist Lex Keklak.

This treatment is designed to ease the transition into the spring season, bringing us out of the quiet serenity of winter’s long nights and adjust to longer days and higher energy demands. 

Traditional yin yoga dictates poses be held from anywhere between 1 and 10 minutes or longer to be able to deeply access the body.

We will focus on foot-opening postures such as toe squat, as well as side opening postures like bananasana. There will also be some outer thigh and hip opening postures, pigeon pose, cowface pose & more! 

Accessing the liver and gallbladder meridians that run from the chest, side body, belly and down the legs and feet. 

Lastly, this workshop will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations for the change of seasons.

(Please bring a pillow, blanket, blocks, straps, bolster, anything to help support you in your postures.)

*HYA has a limited supply of props and can’t guarantee enough will be available*