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Yin + Pin: Our Last One!

By May 24, 2023No Comments

Yin + Pin is the harmonious marriage of Yin yoga and acupuncture, both of which work on the energetic channels of the body . 

This workshop strives to improve the flow of energy in these channels while creating space in your body at the same time.

When: Sunday June 11, 2023
2:30-4 pm
Where: Sunroom 

Summer is coming! Our fourth installment of Yin + Pin will be held as we start to make more time for fun.

In Chinese medicine, the summer is associated with the fire element. This is the time to experience the feelings of life fully. It is a time of outward expansion. The spring helped to wake us from the sleepiness of winter so the vitality of the summer wouldn’t come as quite a shock. Nature has a way of easing us through transitions and that is what we aim to do with our Yin + Pin classes.

The fiery energy of the summer can demand a lot from us, so this class and treatment will help us open up to the world with balance. The channels associated with fire season are the heart, small intestine, triple heater, and the pericardium. Each of these organs plays a role in creating boundaries. We will explore the idea of boundaries and determining safe conditions to be yourself. 

What to expect:
After being led through a restorative Yin practice by Lauren Porter participants will be treated to a carefully curated acupuncture treatment from Licensed Acupuncturist Lex Keklak designed to help ease the transition into the summer season.

Postures that will stimulate the heart meridians and corresponding channels are Open Sesame, Sphinx and Bridge pose.

The workshop will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations for the change of seasons.

It is time to rest, restore & rejuvenate 

(Please bring a pillow, blanket, blocks, straps, bolster, anything to help support you in your postures.)

*HYA has a limited supply of props and can’t guarantee enough will be available*