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Did you know we use Far Infrared Heat?

Most yoga studios use forced air to heat their studio space, but at Hot Yoga Asheville we use FAR INFRARED HEAT. Similar to the way the sun warms the earth, far infrared heat aids you in your healing process. They even use it to warm premature babies. It is safe, quiet, and deeply penetrating to help stimulate cell regeneration, blood flow, metabolism and relieves muscle pain, spasms, joint pain and stiffness. The infrared heat stimulates your body to move your blood more quickly to the body, so while you exercise you are more effectively bringing fresh oxygen to your cells. (HYA is also equipped with a state of the art energy recovery ventilator that brings FRESH AIR automatically according to CO2 levels! So breathe deep! You are safe. )

  • Detoxification and Healthier Skin

More Blood Flow + Far infrared heat= Radiant Glow

  • Immune System Support

By raising core body temperature we neutralize potential bacteria or viral infections creating a wonderful environment for white blood cells to thrive.

  • Strengthening Cardiovascular System

Research suggests far infrared heat increases circulation and oxygen while lowering blood pressure.

  • Pain Relief and Injury Recovery

More flexibility and more range of motion with less strain on fascia and tissues

  • Deep Relaxation and Restored Energy Levels

Allow the heat to bring you to memories of lying on the beach and find a deep sense of calm, renewal and even better sleep!