Updated Policies

By January 23, 2021 Blog

Hi Adi,

What we love about you the most is your dedication to your practice and HYA. It inspires us to do more and our goal is that everyone gets a chance to practice. We envision a world where everyone is empowered to live their best life – and we know yoga is an amazing way to make this happen.

With current limited capacities (30%) it can be a challenge to coordinate the schedule and get everyone into class -But it’s nothing we can’t handle if we work together! 🥴

Our goal is to continue to expand our offerings, and utilize the overflow room more often, however in order to get accurate data to make these decisions, we need your help.

Note: Up until now we have been very lenient with these policies. However, in order to create a sustainable schedule, we need to enforce this policy with consistency moving forward.

Sooo… Moving forward, here’s the scoop:

Please adhere to and support our updated policies.

(Drum role please!)

👉 UPDATED LATE CANCEL WINDOW: Late cancellation window is now 6-hours (down from 12-hours). If you cancel within 6 hours and we are not able to fill your spot, a late cancel fee of $15 (down from $20) will be applied.

(See below for more details)

👉 NO SHOW FEE: If you no show without informing HYA, the fee is $25.

👉 WAITLIST CONFIRM: If you are added to class, you must CONFIRM via text within 30 minutes so we know that you can or cannot attend.

(Failure to do so, may result in removal from class when there is a long waitlist. We will attempt to contact you, however it is your responsibility to verify with us.)

👉 TEXTS: TURN ON your text notifications in Mindbody please. This is how we notify you when you are added to class and how you confirm! (see image below)

👉 ONE CLASS MAX: In order to streamline all things, please do not sign up for 2 classes. If you can get into a class (even if it’s not your first choice), please take yourself off other waitlists. It creates a bunch of challenges for us to manually manage multiple sign ups.

In other words, please choose one class.

👉 SICK POLICY: If you are sick please do not come to the studio until you are symptom free for 10 days.

👉 ONE “OOPS” FOR ALL! Everyone will start with a clean slate beginning today, Jan 23rd 2021. You will be given one grace “oops” in the event of a no show or late cancel. We will notate this in your account and will give you a courtesy call reminder of our policies. After that, may the odds be ever in your favor.



Clarification Station
FAQ – Late Cancel vs. No Shows

A late cancel fee of $15 is applied if you cancel within the 6 hour window (regardless of calling, texting or emailing.) If we are able to fill your spot, you will not be charged.

We know change is hard, and we understand there may be a learning curve here, so we will courtesy waive your first late fee or no show fee and notate your account.

What if I paid for a Drop In? 
You will lose your drop in and not be charged additional fees.

What if I’m on the 5 Pack? 
You will be charged $15 late cancel fee and keep all your remaining sessions.

What if I’m on the Tune Up Pass? 
You will be charged $15 late cancel fee and keep all your remaining sessions in this pay cycle.

What if I’m on the Ultimate or Annual Plan? 
You will be charged $15 late cancel fee.

What if I NO-SHOW without notifying HYA? 
$25 fee will be applied – These are the most challenging scenarios for our community. When you do not show up for class, and do not communicate with us, we have no opportunity to fill your empty spot. In these instances, you will be charged $25 no show fee.

Here’s the deal…

We love and appreciate you.
We know many of you continued to support HYA and maintained your membership even while our physical location was closed.
We are ETERNALLY grateful to you for helping us keep our doors open and our staff employed.
We value your contributions and will never forget your support and will continue to find ways to service you for years to come so you can live your best life.
However, as a team and a large community, we have to create these policies and enforce them for the greater good.
Please understand that we do no WANT to charge anyone anything extra. (This not about making money for us.)
But without enforcing these policies, we cannot assess the need for overflow or additional class offerings.
We often end up with 10 or more people on a waitlist… only to end up with none or 1 by the time class starts.
We simply cannot gauge the need for more classes until we can get control over late cancels, waitlists and no shows.

So we ask for your understanding because as a small business we are trying dance through this crazy time and do the best we can for you and our yoga community.


With you, together, we are better.

Adi, Heather and all the crazy crew at HYA who love and adore you.