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30 Days for $30 special offer is the best way to get started with yoga! It allows you to come in as many times as you can in your first 30 consecutive days so you can experience the incredible benefits and total mind/body shift of a regular yoga practice. Try all of our different classes and come in several days in a row gives your body extra oxygen and energy and is a great detox! If you want to see quick results we highly recommend practicing a minimum of 3 times per week. 

Hot 26 is an amazing therapeutic class for all levels and is a great place to start out. The instructor will give you clear instruction every step of the way. When you leave this class you will feel rejuvenated yet calm. It’s the type of class you’ll leave, drive home, and not even notice you haven’t set up tunes in your car.

Hot Power Flow is energetic and revitalizing. Participants can go at their own pace and take any modifications to make the class work for them. Upbeat modern tunes will kick you into gear and get your blood pumping. Feel like you had some coffee and jam out on your drive away from class.

Warm Yin and Restorative yoga is like going to the spa and being soothed and rested. This class will help you unwind, meditate and be at peace.

With this Intro Offer you are welcome to come to any regular scheduled class any day of the week!

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