Intro to Arm Balancing: Next Free Member Workshop

By July 29, 2022 Blog

Intro to Arm Balancing with Lauren Grygo

This 90-minute clinic is exactly what you need to finally NAIL that arm balance you have been working for! And it’s free for Ultimate members!

WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 27 2:30-4 pm

Lauren is an experienced yoga instructor with more than 8 years of teaching Vinyasa Flow and restorative/Yin yoga. She is
passionate about creating a space where everyone can feel safe to explore and push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

Within this clinic, we will explore accessible arm balances with the assistance of props to ease the body and eliminate fear.
Participants should expect to work on challenging yet accessible arm balances such as: Chaturanga, Crow, eight-angle pose and many more.

Arm balancing can be incredibly empowering but the best part of these postures is the fun you get to create on the journey to learning them!We look forward to seeing you there!

This workshop will be available to non-members for a $40 fee if space is available.