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What You Will Get

  • When you immerse yourself in our vinyasa training you will walk away as a skillful power vinyasa yoga teacher, ready to lead boldly and proudly.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of your yoga practice and gain tools to be a strong and powerful leader in your community.
  • You will study yoga asana technique and alignment, yoga philosophy and insights into living your best life. And in turn you will have the confidence to share your gifts and passion with others.
  • You will understand basic anatomy as it pertains to your yoga practice and how to modify for injuries and various conditions.
  • You will become empowered to step up as a stronger leader in all aspects of your life and become that “all day every day yogi” who inspires not only your own life but others as well.

Through hours of practice teaching and education, the practical skills you will acquire are immediately applicable and you will leave the training ready to teach! Our commitment is in fully supporting you every step along the way to becoming your most powerful and authentic self.

You will become empowered to step up as a stronger leader in all aspects of your life. You will emerge as  that “all day, every day yogi,” lifting your own life and inspiring others.

Why HYA?

Not every training is created equal. For the past 14 years, HYA has been committed to growing community above all else. Our mission has always been to focus on each person during their journey. We have grown HYA exclusively through leading incredible yoga classes and working to make our teachers the best in their field.

Now it is time for us to expand our vision and guide those ready for to level up their life and practice through our dynamic fun teacher training.

Our studio is 100% committed to creating strong yoga teachers and empowered people in the world.

We believe that focusing on one modality (in this case Vinyasa) you can specialize your focus in our field. Many trainings try to teach it all. In turn, you get a somewhat diluted overview of the many modalities available under the big umbrella of Yoga – which is great. But…

At HYA, we choose to dive deep into one main modality so you can excel as a student and find freedom in your personal practice, while learning leadership skills to level up your life off the mat.


Our next training will be held from April 10 – June 6, 2021.

The Training Schedule is as follows:

This training will be held on the following weekends with some mid-week participation.

April 10, 11 | April 17, 18 | April 24, 25 | May 1, 2

[Off May 8, 9]

May 15, 16 | May 22, 23 | May 29, 30 | June 5, 6

Not Local? Not ready for in person? No Problem!

Each day will begin from home with Live Virtual Lessons

and then meet at studio for an in-person class at 1pm til evening.

Mid-Week Supplemental lessons may be sprinkled throughout the week as recordings, at home assignments or live virtual lessons as needed.

Virtual ONLY participation is available as well.

  • $3,900/$3,400 Early Bird if Paid in full by February 15th
  • Secure your spot with $500 non refundable deposit.

Want More Information?

Simply email us at and Adi, Joe or Heather will reach back out to you.

The Value Is In The Details

  • Anatomy and alignment
  • The Practice:  Poses in the Journey Into Power sequence, adaptations, assisting
  • Teaching: Communication, coaching, authentic self-expression, essential language, effective cueing
  • Yoga:  Philosophy, ethics
  • Business:  Teaching, networking, enrollment
  • Learn how to teach clearly and concisely every time!
  • Discover the history and philosophy of yoga.
  • Understand heat and how to practice safely.
  • Dive into your personal practice with meditation.
  • Discover Ayurveda health benefits and how to take care of your individual body.
  • Ability to teach a powerful and impactful power vinyasa yoga class
  • An understanding of basic anatomy, physiology, and healthy alignment principles
  • New communication and leadership skills that will elevate your life
  • The skills to take yoga beyond the classroom and into the community
  • Skills to empower you to be a leader
  • Personal discovery
  • Share yourself authentically
  • New friends and deep community
  • Identify what is most important to you
    • Who you are and who you want to be for yourself, in your relationships, and who you want to be in the world!

Why us?

HYA is built on strong teachers since 2008 and we want to teach and pass on that strength to you. Whether you want to lead classes or just want to rock out your own practice, you will learn from our dynamic empowering staff who are 100% committed to yoga and you.

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Joe Falco

Nichole Falco

Adi Westerman

Heather Parks

Earn 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification upon completion!

Yoga Veda Center & Hot Yoga Asheville unite

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